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    You told that Herbert J. Yates had zero interest in The Quiet Man but so is it not when he was trying to destroy his own agreement with John Ford about two movies for Republic. TQM was a movie Yates hat like poison.

    The Republic of Ireland was only two year’s old in that time The Quiet Man been recorded so all about politics was very sensitive. Some people have told that was John Ford who was afraid for that politics and other say that was Yates. Other told that John Ford not was afraid for anything.

    John Ford got his dramatic scene so he was very happy. But I haven’t could find anything about John Wayne’s feelings about Maureen O’Hara’s cracked bone. We can only guess about John Wayne’s feelings in that scene, but we know he was a really Gentleman, so I think he not was happy for her brooked bone in her wrist. That was a big happy for her when it happen in US and not here in Europe.

    Andrew McLaglen asked John Ford to clean up that field from all sheep dip but John Ford was saying no. That scene there John Wayne dragged and kicked Maureen O’Hara in her ass been a scene the Irish people hated when they got a feeling of that was they John Wayne dragged on the dirty ground. Maureen O’Hara told that she got a feeling about that was a deep revenge from John Ford after they had shot the scenes on the Inisfree Race in Connemara.

    Hi again. Here is a new quote from the same Larry King Live.
    KING: There's a story that you broke your wrist hitting Wayne in "The Quiet Man?"
    O'HARA: Yes. Yes, I did.
    KING: How did that happen? I thought in hitting scenes you're not supposed to strike.
    O'HARA: No.
    KING: Aren't you supposed to miss?
    O'HARA: No. Yes, there are times when you have to, and they have you hit on the upstage side.
    But if you look at the film, at that time I was mad at Duke and I was really going to sock him...
    KING: Mad at him off stage?
    O'HARA: Off stage. OK. Accepted.
    I hauled off to hit him and he, being fine stocked man and a boxer and everything else, he saw it coming. And if you look at the film, you'll see that as I came, he put his hand up and my hand snapped off of his because his hand was much stronger than mine.
    And I was taken immediately to the local hospital near Republic Studios and I had cracked a bone in my wrist.
    You must remember that John Wayne kicked Maureen O’Hara’s ass in that field.


    A wonderful strong scene is there Michaeleen sitting whit White O’Morn and been asked for saddle up Sean’s horse and he say. Saddle his horse? I´ll have no part in helping you to put more shame on her. Saddle his horse... Dam da dam da, diddle de da...

    <H1 style="MARGIN: 0cm 0cm 0pt">I will give you a short quote from the CNN Larry King Live 2 Interview with Maureen O'Hara Aired January 2, 2003.

    KING: I want to talk about John Wayne. We understand you're going to tell us something that you didn't tell us last time about what you whispered to him.
    O'HARA: Oh, not on your life.
    KING: You're not going to tell it now.
    O'HARA: No. Never, never, never.
    KING: Last scene of "The Quiet Man" Maureen's character whispers something in the ear of John Wayne's character. Whatever she said apparently shocked Wayne because his head jerked back and his eyes grows wide with disbelief. Wayne never told anyone what she said and John Ford the director never did either.
    O'HARA: That was the deal. When John Ford said you are to say so and so To Wayne, I said, what? Me? No way. And he said, you're being ordered to do it. You do it. And I realized it was nothing I could do. When you try to battle with John Ford, you have to give in. And I said, well there's one stipulation. That you will never tell anybody what it is that you demanded that I say. And, John Wayne will never tell. And the three of us made the deal.
    KING: So it was to what you are. One can imagine it was sexual or cursing or both?
    O'HARA: Little bit of both.



    The story in The Quiet Man is happen some of the first year after the Black and Tan War in Ireland, who ended in 1920 – 1921. So the movies story can be in 1922 – 1923, some people are telling that year was 1923.

    Bryan Varnam and I are waiting on interior photographs from the bar by a member in The Quiet Man Movie Club but I don’t know when or if we will get them yet.