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    It's a good movie and excellent choises for actors, but still I don't see why it was made: it adds very little to the first version. I expected more original approach from the Coen brothers. Interesting how with the same dialogue the John Wayne version is so much funnier than this.

    Here's another who haven't visited for a very long time. I have changed my life from modern, occupied and feeling unwell to fundamentally different. I wasn't eaten by bears in Canadian wilderness (my last post so long time ago was about a close encounter with one), but since then I've helped building a house, milked cows and spent time doing nothing productive. And I feel good. I don't know yet if this physical break is temporary, but I hope I've learned never again to fall into the pattern of inactivity on the pretence of being too busy.

    Right now I'm staying in Orange, California! Working a few months at a horse farm. And what prompted me to write here, is that yesterday I visited John Wayne's grave. A beautiful and peaceful place.

    I've been to Hollywood too, found the foot prints in the front of Grauman's and went to wax museum.

    Greetings from Yellowknife, it's as nice as it was the last time I visited, 11 years ago. It's wonderfully warm now - I even prefer bugs to cold. Wood Buffalo National Park has been the most interesting place; there I came to look into the eyes of a bear and a buffalo at a few yards distance. I surprised the buffalo, the bear surprised me, but nobody attacked and nobody ran.

    I'm reading Winston Churchill's "My early life", and I just have to share a quote: "No hour of life is lost that is spent in the saddle. Young men have often been ruined through owning horses, or through backing horses, but never through riding them; unless of course they break their neck, which, taken at a gallop, is a very good death to die."

    Pirates of the Caribbean parts 1 and 2, for the first time. I picked Dead man's chest from a discount shelf without even knowing it was the second part of the trilogy. Next day I had to go find the first part, and after that I watched the second part again - that should tell quite clearly how I liked them... Now I have to find the third part (out of stock in the two nearest movie stores)

    Since my previous post in this topic my weight's been a few pounds up and down, at the moment unfortunately up again. I had a long inactive period, where only regular physical activity was my weekly riding lesson. There will be a change of place and life soon again, and first entirely physical summer in 15 years. So, I've started exercising again, second week now doing something every day (lifting weights, swiss ball and body combat) and I already feel better. I even went running - well, jogging, slowly, but anyway I managed half an hour uninterrupted which I didn't expect.

    1. Stagecoach
    2. Young Mr. Lincoln
    3. Ninotchka
    4. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
    5. Gone With the Wind
    6. Wuthering Heights
    7. Drums Along the Mohawk
    8. The Hound of Baskervilles
    9. The Wizard of Oz
    10. Son of Frankenstein

    My order for what I've seen, as well as I remember. Ford did two great movies that year, plus Drums along the Mohawk which is far below his usual level. I can't stand The Wizard of Oz.

    Eh, it's today, the 17. why was it shown yesterday? Anyway, thanks guys. I had completely forgotten until a text message from my mother reminded this morning. Don't know what special to do to celebrate; can't buy a cider because I've volunteered as a guinea pig to a medical study tomorrow and promised not to drink, but maybe a cake

    Galleries with all the photos have disappeared? Found an empty photo album instead, and started it with a few fresh horse pics from the Rockies, Colorado. Can't be called riding what we did, just sitting on horse-back, but beautiful scenery at least, and wild turkeys (exotic to me!). I'm on the dapple, with elks on the background.

    I've liked Costner in everything I've seen (which is not very many), may be most of all in A Perfect World.
    Robin Hood is not bad, but watching it I keep hoping the bad sheriff would get the girl, instead of less interesting Robin... Open Range and Wyatt Earp are decent westerns, and Dances with wolves a masterpiece.