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    Haven't been here in ages but I just wanted to chime in to say that I really liked the remake. Saw it the day after Christmas with a packed crowd. Whatever one's opinion about the movie- it's nice to see a Western at the top of the box office. A standout scene for me was Dakin Matthews as the horse trader- a wonderful, underrated actor.

    Happy New Year!

    Hi Chester/Jim, Sue, and Christopher!

    It was wonderful to meet you all. Thank you so much for coming to our screening, and for promoting it in this forum. One meets the nicest people on the internet :) Of course, meeting you in person was even better- your JW costume was FANTASTIC and I was really bowled over (as were movie patrons) by how much you looked like John Wayne. We'll definitely let you know about future JW screenings at the El Campanil. Thanks for posting the pics... I have some too which I will try to send along. I'll also send them (with your permission) to our local newspaper's community scrapbook editor- they have published photos of our events in the past.

    Thanks again for everything!


    Hi Chester,

    I'm glad I found you too :) This is such a nice board.

    That's great that you'll be able to make the showing. Please be sure to stop and say hello and let me know you're from the Duke board! (I'll be wearing a nametag)


    Hi Bryan, thanks for sharing your artwork. Your paintings are beautiful!



    Originally posted by Bryan Varnam@Feb 23 2006, 05:05 PM
    Hi Esther, I can imagine how wonderful the experience for all the viewers to see The Quiet Man on the big screne is going to be because I have loved the movie ever since I first saw it many years ago on tv. Since then I have painted several canvases in tribute to such a fine movie. In case you might like to see some of them you may at Thanks for the heads up, wish I was one of them but it isn't likely since I live clear on the other side here in North Carolina.


    Hello Bay Area John Wayne fans!

    On March 18, the historic El Campanil Theatre in Antioch, CA (40 miles east of San Francisco) will present The Quiet Man (1952). Shows are at 2pm and 7:30 pm. We will also have a traditional Irish music performance and Irish dancing before the movie. Don't miss this rare chance to view John Ford's epic masterpiece on the big screen, the way it was meant to be seen!

    For more information and directions to the theatre:

    Esther Park
    Director of Film Programming
    El Campanil Theatre
    602 West Second St.
    Antioch, CA 94509