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    I have not been here in awhile, so forgive me if this question has already been posted.
    I was able to pick up a DVD copy of "McLintock". Why so cheap? Was this not a BatJac production? I thought it was very strange a film so good was available for less than a dollar. I just don't get it.

    I have not posted to this forum in a long time. Just trying to get back in. Very computer illiterate aand have been sick. Hope this gets me back in. Love the Duke. Hope I get a message in my e-mail. Sorry for being gone so long.


    Help me out guys. I need stampede strings (I think that's what you call them, the strings you tie around your neck to keep your cowboy hat on)... and I need them cheap. I've called around to western apparel stores and they want $15 - $20 for them. I can't afford that. I've got a lot of hats and I need to keep them on my head! What can I do?

    "The Man From Utah"? New to me. What's up with John Wayne being a singin cowboy at the beginning? Great flick! And Lone Star Pictures - new tome.

    P.S. - Today is the anniversary of my Dad passing away. He didn't give me much - but he schooled me on John Wayne - dear to my heart.

    Hello again. I didn't mean to sound like a purist snob or anything, it's just that I thought that making B&W films in color would be kind of strange. I don't know much about it. How do they know what color things are supposed to be? And why do they do it? I mean it seems to me to do that would be kind of expensive to reproduce something in color. I have no idea.

    I am sorry. I did not like this film. I'm not saying that it is not an excellent film, I'm just saying that I, personally, did not like it. I found it very depressing. Maybe I'm missing something, but I'm not adding this one to my collection. It is too sad.

    I always liked Gary Cooper in High Noon, but the only DVD I have is "Farewell To Arms." Would like to get one of his Westerns, but High Noon is kind of expensive.
    Can anyone suggest any other Westerns with GC in them?

    I went to the video store to see if they carried Fort Apache. They had it but it was in color. I'm usually not to picky, but I didn't get it. Has anyone seen this in color?
    I would think that would ruin it.

    Hello Chilibill,

    Thank you so much for directing me to that site. Those pictures are absolutely breathtaking. Would love to visit there one day.

    Okay, resident idiot Harry Here. Where is Monument Valley. I thought it was in Utah but I've seen films that were supposed to take place in Arizona and other parts of the West and they show it on the net. Did a search which got me more confused. I think it's beautiful.

    Harry, Lord of the Idiots.

    I noticed they are playing a 1992 remake of Stagecoach on TV today. I looked it up on the net and also saw a 1996 version. Has anyone seen either of these?

    I have searched the forum and didn't come up with anything on this. Watched a JW film yesterday entitled The Night Riders featuring The Three Musquiteers (I have no idea how to spell that M word). I have never seen this film and I guess there was a series of these. In The Night Riders, they dress up in white robes and masks call themselves "Los" something. Can someone clue me in on this series of JW films?

    I've been reading a lot on the net about John Wayne. A lot talk about his drinking habitss, but they are all different. One said his favorite concocjion(sp?) was part cough syrup and ground up aspirin. Could someone set me straight on this?

    Sorry everybody, I kind of posted this befor, but couldn't find the original. Still trying to figure out how to do this message board thing. Just ignore my previous one.

    Watched Rio Grande last night. I swore in one scene the soldiers were singing the song Erie Canal. I know Bruce Springsteen just recorded that song. Did they actually sing Erie Canal in Rio Grande?

    Just got and watched "Rio Grande." It was great. I especially liked the music. I think it was "Sons of the Pioneers". In the film, they sing a song which I think is named "Erie Canal." Didn't Bruce Springsteend Jusst record that? I love the old Western stuff but ddon't know much about it. I know "Riders in the Sky and Chris Led Deuc(sp?) But not many others. Other suggestionsss?

    Okay, dumb question. I love to wear my cowboy hats, but at the slightest breeze, they fly off my head. I watch the PBR and other stuff, and those other guys are flying around and it usually takes a fall to get that hat off their heads. Why can't I get my hat to stay on?

    Sorry people, I am kind of mentallY ill (politically uncorrect term "crazy.) Undeerstand oot of the westerms, but kind of confused about the war pictures. Could Nyone summarize what this film wass abotu?