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    Wayne fans, you must have credibility. Andy Rooney never said this. It's an urban legend that has been widely rebuked numerous times. Let's only print stuff that really is truthful. Rooney would have been fired for saying this on 60 Minutes, even if he does make some good points.

    We do not help ourselves when we print these myths and legends. Someone sent me the same speech by Robin Williams. Give me a break.

    Looks like Paramount could release a few Blu-Ray titles in 2010, if they had any sense. The JW titles still sell. As I now have a big-screen HDTV, watching True Grit, Shootist, etc. and other Paramount titles on this format could be a sensational experience. Plus, digital sound---let's hope they do as good a job as Warner Brothers has done on their JW Blu-Ray releases.

    Anyone have any idea when Paramount will start issuing Duke films on Blu-Ray? I have the Warner releases of Cowboys, Rio Bravo, and The Searchers---and they are gorgeous.

    Paramount is sitting on a treasure. I will buy several. Anyone heard anything?