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    Chicken and dumplings is an all time favorite in my household. I'm one of those that fall into the cold weather, comfort food junkies. I'll be trying Duke's chili in the next few days. Thank you Chili Bill. Another favorite for my family is to take a small pot roast, two cans of mushroom soup, two cans of water, a packet of lipton onion soup and potatoes and carrots and put them into the slow cooker for about five hours. The meat falls apart, and the soup is thick and delicious. The thickness depends on how small you cut the potatoes though. Hope to meet some of you when I decide where to go. Ringo and Chili Bill are high on the list. Still looking at retireing in Corpus Ringo. Eleven more years, but maybe we will be blessed with a duty station. Later all.

    I've enjoyed all of the new Duke stuff coming out in celebration of his 100th birthday, but I notice that much of this is out of the normal fan's income, at least out of mine. However, I did find this off of the new website and thought this was nice for the price. I intend on picking one of these up as part of my small collection (and I mean small).


    Flags of our Fathers. Took my wife and we both enjoyed it. It was nice to see a lot of younger people there watching the sacrifice of those who are aptly named the "Greatest Generation". Take care all. I haven't deserted you, I just never seem to get the time these last couple of months. Bless all of you.

    And yet again I'm left amazed at the knowledge on any subject I throw out there. You guys and gals are great. I learn something every day. I still haven't finished watching it, but I will give it another try. I picked up Conagher the other day and I think I'll give it a whirl first though. Appreciate all the feedback.
    Thanks all,

    I really enjoyed Glenn Ford in his movies and one that comes to mind is "The Sacketts" A good, strong presence on screen that embodied the real man image that I so often talk about. God Bless him, his family, and fans.



    Originally posted by Stumpy@Aug 25 2006, 05:42 PM
    You can have mine when I'm gone, Bob. Which hopefully will be in the not-too-distant future. Glad I won't be around too much longer to see this world go further to hell in a handbasket with a downhill drag. I just hate to think of the world my kids and grandkids are inheriting.


    Dang it Stumpy, you got to knock that stuff off right now. :angry: Don't you know you can't leave until the job is finished. That job my friend is for men like yourself to straighten these kids out that are bombarded with biased news, undeserving heroes, and country haters who think if we left the world alone we would all be safe. (probably how they have survived to date). Don't even think of bowing out yet brother, there are too few of you left. Thanks.

    You know fellas, I grew up sitting with my Uncle Ed who was a WWII veteran and watching WTBS Atlanta. I don't know if that was what it was called around the country, but it played only classics. This is where I was introduced to John Wayne, and a host of other actors that to this day I can close my eyes, listen, and tell you who the actor is. Except for a precious few, can we even do this anymore? My uncle has since passed away, but I remember those days fondly. I feel extremely lucky to have been raised around what I consider "real men", on and off the tube. Thanks.

    Alright, I'm testing the waters here. Now I am pretty sure everyone knows I am a Duke fan in most matters, but boy did I buy one stinker of a movie. I never even knew Legend of the Lost existed, so you can imagine that when I saw the title, I just had to buy it. The first Duke movie I have never finished. I can't even complete it. I feel bad and think I should give it another shot, but I think that this might be one turkey that Duke delivered. Give me some feedback. Be kind. Thanks.

    Hi Gale,
    First and foremost I would like to welcome you to the site, I've only been on here for a short time, but there are some great people here who might be interested in what you got. I think there is an area on here called the Trading Post that might be of help to you. Again, I'm new and there are some knowledgable people on here who can help you out. Good luck to you.

    Relaxing with my family in any setting, but preferably while I'm BBQing and drinking sweet tea. Ideally, a little country or tejano music playing in the background and the kids running around screaming for no apparent reason other than they are glad to see their cousins.

    p.s. My little girl (3 years old) and my wife are taking riding lessons. My little girl is a natural and looks terrific. My wife is getting used to the saddle and soreness, but I think we just jumped a major hurdle in purchasing our first horses next year. I can't think of much that beats having all of us horseback and enjoying the trail.

    Happy birthday brother and enjoy it for all its worth. How nice it would be to be able to fish with you and knock down a few stories by the fire. Take care and have fun.

    I'm feeling fairly lucky in this region of the world. It's been a very nice, moderate summer so far. I've never had reason to complain about the summers up here. I just wish we could send the rain down to West Texas where my family lives and where I was raised. I'm hoping this 72 deg weather holds out for quite a while. B)

    Speaking of Bacall, below is an excerpt of her speaking about Duke and his last film "Shootist". I remember a little squabble not too long ago where Bacall was asked by a reporter what it was like to work with a "legend" like Kidman. Hmmmm, married to Bogie and Jason Robards, and throw in the affair Sinatra, and of course working with every true screen legend, I would think the reporter had lost their mind. :headbonk: Hope you enjoy the excerpt. :D

    KING: Whoo. Down the drain went Humphrey and all of the audience. Now, discuss -- I remember a memorable film you did, because it was John Wayne's last, "The Shootist."

    BACALL: I love that movie.

    KING: He knew he was dying, is that correct?

    BACALL: He did know. He knew.

    KING: And he played a dying character.

    BACALL: And he played a man who was dying of cancer and he was dying of cancer. He was amazing all through that shoot. He never complained. And he was not in good shape. And he was terrific.

    And he and I always got along extremely well. We never discussed politics, needless to say, but we really liked one another. No, we really liked one another. He was surprising, you know, Duke.

    KING: In what way?

    BACALL: Well, because -- well, I don't know -- you think, well, oh, he's way on the other side and we don't agree about anything. And I don't know what he's going to be like to work with, and so on. But that was the second movie I was in with him.

    But he was gentle. And he, in a scene, listened when you spoke. You know, it's very difficult for actors to learn how to listen to what anyone says. And he listened, he concentrated and he played the scene. He knew what he was doing. And I was really fond of him.

    KING: Isn't good acting reacting?

    BACALL: Well, no, I don't think you can really say that. I just think that good acting is rare. And I certainly think -- and great acting is nonexistent practically. I think it has to do with training and with listening and with thinking. And it's also an extra gene that you have that comes from somewhere.

    KING: So when our friend Marlon Brando says it wasn't hard, he was kidding?

    BACALL: I don't know whether he was kidding. But he had it. There was no doubt that he had it. He was a great actor.

    KING: Was it hard -- in "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" we see Kate Hepburn look at Spencer Tracy, we knew he's sick. And that scene when she has to cry, you know, it's like for real. You what was it like to look at Wayne?

    BACALL: Well, I just -- it was very moving always.

    KING: It was a great movie. BACALL: It was a wonderful movie. And in one scene, we had -- before we started to shoot one scene, we were standing on the set while they were adjusting the lights. And he just kind of reached out and took my hand, just kind of held my hand. Never said anything. And one of the members of the crew said, oh, it's such a beautiful day today. And Duke said every day you wake up is a beautiful day.


    JOHN WAYNE, ACTOR: Good-bye, Mrs. Rogers.

    BACALL: Good-bye, Mr. Bucks.


    BACALL: I mean, he didn't indulge himself. There was no self- pity. Whatever he felt, you know.

    KING: And the irony of the character.

    BACALL: Yes. But he really played that part.

    Being from Texas I can tell you this is the passing of a Legend. My father worked in the oil field for 52 years before his passing and had met with Red Adair on occasion. I have in my possession a belt buckle my father gave to me when I was younger that is made of red stained glass that is from the late 70's or early 80's that has the Red Adair company logo on it. I couldn't tell you how he got it, but of course as I get older I'm sure the story will get exaggerated. :lol: It diffinitely is a sad day though. Great man with an incredible story. Again, you don't find them like that too much anymore. :(