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    Ward Bond was great!
    The first time I noticed him was in "It's a Wonderful Life", then from there I noticed him everywhere.

    He was such a man's man. I see why John Wayne was a friend.

    Hi ya'll,

    I always enjoy all of the Duke's movies!

    I also enjoyed McLintock!

    BUT......for some reason, the Maureen O'Hara character really grates me.. I know she's supposed to be a "shrill" of a woman, but I do not find her likable at all. I guess I am too spoiled with the other fine character's Maureen had played with John:smile: and I tried to like the character, but I can't.

    Not only that....why does everyone pronounce his name, McLintock, differently?

    Other than that...I always love to watch John Wayne in any type of situation.

    Hello Forum Fans,

    I am requesting prayers, if possible, for a friend of mine's Mom. Her name is Alice Alayon and I would ask prayers of healing for her upcoming doctor's visit to determine if she has stomach cancer. I pray the doctor finds nothing wrong! But, if she does have it - please pray that she is Blessed with healing.

    Pray for Alice.

    Thank you all. There is power in group prayers.

    Affectionately yours,


    All I can say is that I really enjoyed this movie, even with all of its mistakes.

    At least John Wayne tried to create an entertaining and patriotic movie. Not too many "stars" were doing that in those days.

    I always appreciate John Wayne and his courage.

    :D WOW! Thank you all so very much for that warm welcome!!!
    Hello to TBone, Jay J. Foraker, SXViper, ethanedwards, chester7777, and Redcap, cchoate and txlady0316 !!!!!

    I am truly proud to be a fan of John Wayne and I can tell by these wonderful posts I have found special fans, too!!

    I will update and let you know how my surgery goes.....thank you for the blessings.

    JW will definately be within my mind throughout.

    He is so unique and I wonder how big of a smile he would have on his face to know we all still have him so close to our hearts.

    Ta! for now..

    I just love John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara's chemistry in this movie. I can watch it over and over again. He was so sexy in this movie and my favourite quote is about "there'll be no locks and bolts between us Mary Kate..." and the broken bed! :lol:

    I want to buy it on VHS.

    I am new to this wonderful site of memories for John Wayne!

    I always watched John Wayne during my early years - my friends were into the David Cassidy and Donny Osmond - but, I would watch the DUKE!

    He was cool and an All American before it was fashionable.

    I always admired his strong stance on patriotism and loyality. He is a true hero to me. I miss his strength and his smile. I think of his courage he showed during his later years when he was very sick, but he kept on plugging and smiling. I am so amazed that right after his lung was removed he went back to acting a few months later! I pray I can only be as strong when I have my surgery in three weeks. I do think in my mind (as the doctor is pushing those needles in me and the recovery afterwards) of John Wayne and his famous quote that I've seen on this site: "COURAGE is being scared to death - and saddling up anyway!" and I believe that to be my strength when I "hear" his voice saying that in my ear and mind.

    John Wayne was true to himself and true to others. I feel his movies showed him as himself. I can not describe this to others who do not understand what he stood for and how important he was to America. I wish he was here now. I bet there'd be no "terror" in the world if Duke was still in the saddle! :D

    God Bless John Wayne!

    Hello Forum,

    I am new and I am honoured to be apart of this wonderful forum!!

    As everyone here, I absolutely appreciate everything John Wayne.

    I have always watched him. I can't remember when I didn't.

    A true legend and hero of mine. A real man and a real American. I like what he stood for in this crazy world. I wish he were around today to straighten things out!!

    I think I will enjoy being apart of this "family".