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    Sure the duke's only in it for a few minutes, but I thought it was a pretty good film. But whether or not I buy the new version will depend entirely on the packaging. I am a sucker for a good lookin package. I love the ultimate version (or what ever it's called ) of the Searchers and Rio Bravo that I bought. If it looks like that, then I won't be able to help myself!

    I did get a chance to watch a twelve minute featurette on the granduer process that was very interesting. Most of what they tell you has been posted in this thread, as to what happened and why it didn't succeed. There are more featuresttes, but I haven't had a chance to watch them yet!

    well I watched my new copy of the big trail today and man, I love it. The new widescreen presentation is just amazing. And seeing fourteen minutes of footage that has een "lost" for eighty years is also very awe- inspiring. I loved the movie before, and this spectacular rerelease has only made it better

    If your into acoustic type stuff you should check out Dustin Kensrue. He's the lead singer from Thrice, a metal/punk band that does a fair share of screaming, but his solo cd is mostly him and a guitar and some really great singing. Its a short cd, maybe a half hour long, but I've listened to it ten times this week. I really love it

    there is more than an acdc influence to airbourne, their single sounds just like acdc. I heard it on the radio and had to listen hard to tell it was some one else. It seems like alot of rock music now is just a real rip off of seventies stuff. The band Jet, they had a single that sounded exactly like a guess who song (are you familiar with the guess who, up here in canada, they're still a big deal!) and another song that sounded just like iggy pop lust for life.

    Right now I am listening to jungleland by bruce springsteen from born to run

    I agree with dukepilgrim, kubric is over hyped, however I love dr strangelove, but I am a big peter sellers fan. Did anyone see Daredevil with ben afflek? I thought that one wasn't worth the lousy six bucks i spent on it

    Anyone here a James Bond fan? I got on a real kick and have watched all twenty one movies since christmas. I just finished them all tonight, with the very first movie Dr. No. I think Roger Moore is my favourite bond, but I like all of them!

    Elf with WIll Farrell is a hilarious movie, one that the wife and I watch almost every year. I'm surprised no one mentioned how the grinch stole christmas. The new one is not bad and of course the original is great. National lampoon's is good too. I bought the dvd a couple years ago and when we watched it we were surprised by how much swearing there was in it, because we'd seen it on tv a dozen times and they took all the 'bad' stuff out!

    Some new holiday specials out this year that are pretty good are the johnny cash christmas specials from 76 and 77. 77 is more christmassy but both are worth the ten bucks or so you should pay for them, especially if you are a fan!

    I watched the party with peter sellers and thought it was hilarious, so I went out and bought the pink panther box set and have been watching them, some more than once. Also got dr strangelove

    the most terrified that I have ever been in my entire life was when I watched the exorcist. I was with two friends, we were fifteen and all alone in the house over night, we rented the movie, had a beer or two and were absolutely terrified. We stayed up until dawn because we were afraid to go to sleep! (I'm sure the beer had something to do with our reaction!)

    Well, I ordered this one from an internet website. It said it would take one to two weeks, and I finally just got it more than six weeks later! Was it worth the wait? Um... Of course it was, but only a die hard fan can probably appreciate these older movies. Of the six Ken Maynard remakes, I think this one is the weakest. I only saw a couple of scenes that had the original footage in them, so it almost seemed pointless to have this as a remake when it could have just been a regular brand new movie. And the plot itself was pretty straight forward, since you know from the beginning who the hawk is. But I am not complaining. This movie is 75 years old and still looks pretty good.

    I just rewatched this one again, for the fourth time and I love it. I think that it is just fantastic from beginning to end. I would argue that this is the best movies he ever made, or at least the best western. It's one of those movies that doesn't get stale with repeated viewings!

    I was just wondering if there were any younger people here that have started listening to Dean Martin after seeing him in a John Wayne movie. I'm twenty six years old and may have gone my entire life without caring about one of his songs, but after seeing him in Rio Bravo and Sons of Katie Elder, I picked up a cd. Now I am a fan. And let me tell you, this is not my normal type of music.

    I agree with the previous post that this one has very little John Wayne in it. I would compare his screen time with that in Cast A Giant Shadow. But the movie is pretty good. I actually forgot that I was watching a JW movie until he popped out of the doorway well into the film.

    I too bought the special collectors edition and was slightly disappointed. I haven't listened to the commentary track yet, but the other special features were perhaps sub par. I say this only because the documentaries total forty minutes or less and to re-buy a movie that I already own for that seems a little lame. What I really wish is that they had done a huge trumped up version like Rio Bravo and the Searchers.

    I'd been putting off watching this one, choosing instead to watch some other action/adventure movies that I had recently gotten. But finally I had no choice. And I watched it and it was better than I expected. My wife actually even stopped reading her book and watched some of it with me.

    John always said that his fight at the end of The Spoilers was the greatest one that he ever did, but I think the fight early on in Lady takes a chance was right up there with it. It lacked the long, slow, intense build up of the spoilers fight, but for sheer dramatics, I thought it was really good.

    All in all, not a bad film, though light and fluffy.