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    Was hoping someone would enjoy it, Keith. I live in the heart of bluegrass country.......folks are born with an instrument, LOL. I personally know 3 top banjer players (that is how they say it here in the country). They have all won many awards, and I cannot keep up with them although I have played Dueling Banjos since I learned it when it first came out. Let's face it, if the guitar player is using just a pick and the banjo dude is using his thumb and two fingers........hard to match. Glen did well with the picking part though. The part he had a time with was that last fast run. If you look back, you will see that his strums just couldn't QUITE keep up with Carl. Play it and watch just their faces........priceless. Glen knew from the start he couldn't keep up with Carl. But he did the old, "Let's see if you can do about this?" Then Carl smears that string that Glen hadn't and the race was on, LOL! From playing here in Union Grove.......I have learned that once a good banjo player gets is hard for him to slow down........he just keeps cranking it up.

    Since you are a musician, I am most pleased that you enjoyed this. I think I must have played it 20 times last rendition I have heard and enjoyed.......the camera work was excellent catching the different expressions, etc. My friend Moon played with Glen many times. He opened for him a few times also. He started the thumb and four finger picking style that is very popular over here now. He is well know in the business but would never make it his goer......knew what road life did to folks. But all the players know him and usually seek him out for special licks. Here is one he taught Glen the lick and backward one to. They played it together a few times on stage. OLD tape, but you will hear the Heavy thumb he is known for and the lick that most cannot get unless he shows them. Many a time he had folks back to his hotel room after a concert to teach them that lick...........I STILL can't do it well. Probably not NEAR your kind of music, but Glen really enjoyed playing with Moon as most of the guys and gals do. He opened the Chet Atkins festival this year....think it is his 14th or so in a row. And, he was given a special award at the Merle Travis one......ever heard of them over there? Well, you can Google Comer Moon Mullins or catch him on Youtube. I am in one with him, (in the audience, first row, LOL). KEITH

    Great post Keith, thanks.
    This has always been a favourite of mine
    and to see Carl and Glen performing it, is a real treat

    Hi Mark, I was looking over the group watch screen catches for Hatari just for fun and saw something you asked that I never answered...missed it. Those hats are common with fly fishermen, but can be used for anything. The long bill is for extra eye protection and some have zip off neck cloths. Here is a picture of a popular one. Better late than never, I suppose, LOL, KEITH

    Long billed hat w.jpg

    I got a question about Duke's hat in Hatari. Why does it have a large bill on the front of it? I understand the cloth on the back protects the neck from sun and sand, but why the oversized bill? Does the hat have a name?


    Just found this on a friend's site. He is a band leader and champion banjo player. This is the first time that Glen Campbell played this song with this young banjo picker in 1973. If you know music and knew Glen, you would know that this kid could have flown by Glen as if he were standing still. But, he didn' kid. BUT, he DID throw in a few things that Glen was not expecting. The audience caught it and so did Glen..........see if you can. At a few golf tournaments, I invited Glen to a couple of fireside "pickings".........he loved it. Just a big bonfire with lots of folks sitting mostly on Short stools playing music and singing. Course there were folks just listening also. Glen, and I and another played others had instruments. Glen taught us some little ditties, But he learned some songs he had never heard of. Was patient until a few of us sang them for him and he joined in until he knew all of the words. One of them was Home Grown Tomatoes.......he thought that was a great song! The man who wrote it lives near me here, but he sold it to was picked up and became a hit. Anyway, this is the one that Joe posted and I had not heard before. It was done a couple of years after I met Glen the first time. Listen all the way is a little different from most and the camera work is excellent. Not sure about this now, you may have to copy and paste it into your browser. On Facebook and emails, you can just click on also gives you a picture of it.....we will see, LOL. But try it..........guarantee you will like it! Watch Glen's face and the kid's. Kid knows he is ahead all the way! KEITH…l-jackson-dueling-banjos/

    Well, My Bill, although I cry a lot.......I am not really depressed. I saw Duke and a lot of others give a fantastic performance. And I DO love the music. I can about quote The Shootist!

    I have watched ALL of HGWT about 3 times and some episodes a great deal more. One of my favorites is a two parter about Jody Town. You got to that yet? If Netflix still had it........I would STILL be watching it over.

    Tonight I watched Mountain Men with Chuck Heston and Brian Keith again. Although there is a lot of comedy, it is the first movie about the AMM that I can say was pretty realistic. None have been better in my estimation. Damn they killed my Brian Keith off near the end........loved that guy! Hugs to all, KEITH

    Keith, if you weren't depressed before your double feature, you must be now.
    Since I've been binging on Have Gun Will Travel, I had a Richard Boone double header and watched A Thunder of Drums and Rio Conchos.
    Now if we both watch The Alamo I can see Boone again and you can see Duke bite the dust yet again.

    We deal in lead, friend.

    Beautiful scene, but I do not remember seeing her in the movie ...

    Something is screwy here.......can't find what you are talking about. I mentioned that Duke and Ethan and I THOUGHT Aissa were in a picture.......don't see it on mine now. But I said that ETHAN was the Grandson in Big Jake. If that was Aissa, she was just visiting. KEITH

    Well Bill,
    You have kids and grandkids, so you know all these folks. I don't even know who Kevin Kline is, LOL............I pretty much got stuck in the '70s with a few exceptions. Thanks to you, I know I like Van Kilmer!
    I watched Beau Geste and The Bengal Lancers with Gary Cooper. I am about to get the full uncut version of The Alamo. I know some folks say not much is cut, but others say there are some good things in it. So, I am awaiting with baited breath! I am sure you can guess from whence it is coming! Hugs to all, KEITH Oh, do you like Salsa Verde? If not, find someone in your family who does because another source is sending you some!

    We went to the multiplex with another couple and saw "Last Vegas". Although it didn't receive rave reviews, we (and the packed audience) loved it. Not much of a plot, but very funny. Kevin Kline steals the whole movie.

    We deal in lead, friend.

    A MAN ALONE 1955

    Ray Milland
    WARD BOND He was 52 and looked good here, LOL.......always looks good to me.
    Raymond Burr
    LQ Jones
    And others you will recognize. A bit different than most of the Westerns. Found out I like Ray Milland after all. KEITH

    Watched some of MacMillan and Wife with Rock Hudson and Susan Saint James........haven’t seen it since it was a series on TV. They were great together. Guess who was a guest star? I almost good buddy, Barbara McNair! She was a light black singer and actor ...........shame what happened to her because of husband Rick Manzie. On her way to the stars like a rocket, and then.................well, just too bad. Wonderful person she was. KEITH This is Barbara looking the way I knew her. I never ran into anyone who didn't just love her.

    Hi Ringo, I recently watched an episode from, I THINK, Law and Order, when one of their own was killed. It was said, "We always say, I promise you we will catch the guy who did this. That doesn't do a thing to help them. From now on, I will never say that to a bereaved family member again"............something of the sort. Well, "Sorry for your loss", "May they rest in peace", etc. are all phrases that are similar. But, what DO you say to help? Nothing said really helps at all. It is the fact that the person recognized your loss and sent a verbal SOMETHING your way. Most of us are not close enough to others to give them a hug at times like this. I have lost both of my parents in the last 4 years.........11 months apart. I can, as many others here can, feel your loss. And I am sorry for that. Your father is no doubt happy to be free of his cancer. Try to remember all the wonderful times you had each day..........the pain DOES dull gradually.

    Mark, (DukeFan1) has the right idea. He usually does know just the right thing to say. Thinking of you, KEITH

    my father passed away saturday morning.he died from cancer,he will be missed

    El D.  TONY CLOSE..jpgGreat pic Larry. If you ever run into any of El Dorado that have the tall curly haired specialist doctor, (Anthony Rodgers) in them.....sure would love to see them. Tony and his brother Rex were great friends of mine for years in Miami Beach. Tony and James Cahn were good friends and James got him the part. He had a large part in Camelot with Richard Harris. Thanks once again for all of your wonderful pictures. KEITH

    Well thanks Colkid,

    I knew Gene around the early 70s, and the woman was not Ina. SO...........she must have been a VERY close friend of his for him to call her his wife...........very strange. I will do some more digging on this........might can find a pic of the lady in the Mission Hills albums. Yep, a genius when it came to making money. As I had mentioned he owned about half of Palm Springs and surrounding "oasis'" in the desert. Hmmm.........maybe Ina had a nickname........will look for a picture of her. KEITH

    The Following with Kevin Bacon. Had never heard of it. It is a 15 one hour episode season. I am just on the third episode, but I think I may have nightmares soon, LOL!

    Irish......never heard of yours.........looks as if it is not worth the effort?

    Rocklin, suppose you could try taking a picture of the composite? Sure would love to see it. Glad you had fun. Can't believe you didn't go see EK, LOL! I would have.......yep, I would. KEITH