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    There was just an article in the paper, they have been arming more policeman. Then after this truck driving on the bridge they are going to arm more, maybe all policeman.
    One policeman went after these guys who had knives with a baton. He will live but was stabbed
    several times.
    England is waking up. Still nothing about guns for everyone.

    Im in favour of arming our police but in regards to letting civilians have arms we have enough problems with knife crime without adding guns to the mix.

    One thing thats confused me slightly is whether there will be a general election or not? From what I understand the Conservative leader would have to call for one.

    Opinion polls I have always felt are intended to promote a particular agenda.

    The amazing thing about the EU referendum is that Brexit won despite all main political parties being opposed to it along with the banks, global businesses, the outside world including President Obama who intervened and of course 99% of the media.

    Celtic fan - I would be interested in your Dad's opinion now on Scottish independence. Incidentally a warm welcome to this forum and I hope to see you around for a long time to come.

    Cheers. although I have been a member since 2012 but i've always been more of a lurker.

    Not really sure at the moment, the papers seem to think that people would vote yes but as we all know a small poll in newspapers means nothing compared to the real thing. Iv'e not spoken to anyone yet that voted to remain.

    My father did however vote yes in the independence referendum after a long time thinking about it. He also however voted to leave the EU so it would be interesting to see what he'd vote given another vote on the UK.

    Interestingly support for the Union between Great Britain and Northern Ireland has never been stronger. There are some opportunistic politicians over here who feel that they can exempt Northern Ireland from Brexit but this is pie in the sky talk.
    Sturgeon worries me, I cannot fathom how an independent Scotland could be viable.

    After the original independence referendum a lot of her parties promises about the economy were proven to be grossly overestimated. We also never got a straight answer about keeping the pound and what would happen when the oil runs thin. I can only imagine the same questions would come up again and still be left unanswered.

    Sturgeon tries to come across as friendly and nice but to put it bluntly I didn't nor ever will trust her.

    I can only hope the people who were searching the internet asking what the EU is are kids and people who didnt vote. I sincerely hope that is the case.

    The EU would not want an independent Scotland, besides other countries are now looking out of the EU.
    I'm surprised with you CelticFCDuke you strike me as someone who would favour the breakup of the UK based on your name.

    For me personally I thought Scotland was better off in the UK, independence threw up too many questions that were never really answered properly. To put it bluntly I didnt believe the SNP in regards that we'd be better off. That's not to say i'm a British patriot however, far from it in fact. I felt that the yes campaign was based on nationalism rather than a belief that we'd be better off.

    I also noticed a few mumbles over a united Ireland but I think that would do more harm than good. I can only imagine it could cause a lot of tension.

    Was certainly surprised at that. I believe we've done the right thing though, hopefully stuff eases off after a while.

    What does slightly worry me is that Scotland becomes independent for the sole reason of joining the EU again.

    It appears that the "In" camp are going to record a resounding victory on Thursday, it's a shame as their campaign has been focused on project fear rather than presenting a positive vision of the UK in the EU.

    Brexit have suffered from having the media and the establishment completely against them, they are portrayed as "Little Englanders" who are bigoted, racist and financially inept who seek to isolate the UK and destroy the economic systems in place.

    I cant see it going any other way than a remain. As you said its unfortunate how leave voters have been portrayed as bigots to the point where i'd feel embarrassed to say I voted leave.

    At the end of the day though these polls mean nothing compared to the actual vote. The actual result could be the same or wildly different from the polls you see in the media.

    Now that would be something I'd like to see happen.

    Now that 3D blu rays are a thing and 3D technology has moved much further since the red/blue glasses days a proper 3D Hondo release on blu ray could be stunning.

    I'll be voting out. In my short life on this earth I''ve never liked the idea of us being in the EU and I hope this will be the chance to get out.