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    I've amended no rules, they were there when the site was opened. And I can't make any rules without permission. Any decisions made on policy are NOT mine. So before you go accusing me again, get the facts right. I can't even start a contest or make a filmography without permission. Everything that is posted is watched by legal counsel. And that's the way I prefer it so the decisions are not mine.

    And I say again, I fostered no discussion. You tell me where in my 25 word post to Elly where I told her where the list was. It could have been on my website for that matter. If you get out of the w But you'll twist it to fit your needs.

    Everything was fine when I was filling this site with images, information and contributing over 1000 posts in less than 6 months. I even went so far as to help pay and distribute advertising for this site. Yes, some others were generous to help with the costs but I put money towards it as well. My wife and I took time from our vacation to pass out these buttons. We spent all our extra time around the Birthplace passing out these buttons. These buttons are even being sold at the gift shop and I know this site has gotten members from those buttons.

    So right before I went to Winterset I was approached to be a moderator here which I might add they even went far enough to call me on the phone about the position here. All the praise, the good job, the contributions, BUT, after I received the position elsewhere I never heard another word, not even a sorry but have to withdraw the offer. Not a word was said to me. I was dropped faster than a hooker with an STD.

    But now I have become some kind of poison. I'm beginning to believe that person in the movie forum wasn't too far off in their assessment as crazy as they may be if someone doesn't bleed they get exorcised from here. Forced out, made to look bad, whatever it takes to build a shroud around this forum and keep the rest of the competing world out.

    I might add that I let people use this forums url as their website on the official site, it's even been mentioned a couple times by the JWMB letters only and I haven't done anything. As a matter of fact I just did a search over there for the JWMB and it came up in 7 different posts. I was letting things like that slide. I didn't want to get that picky about the rules but maybe it should be totally enforced because I make one totally anonymous statement and I become the enemy.

    I don't think I've ever seen anyone thrown to the wolves as fast as I have been. I'm sure this statement will be deleted so as to not shed a bad light on the forum. But maybe a couple of you will see my last defense.

    It was nice getting to know some of you people. I hope I helped some of you when I was active here. I've made several friends and I'll miss our chats, public and private. I hope Carl gets an Internet connection soon so he can enjoy that computer. Good Luck and God Bless!

    I fostered no discussion about another site. Your Mod was out-of-line and I was offended that he's allowed to get by with that crap. That's why I won't continue to contribute here.

    Now I am lost....

    What mod is doing what to DS?

    Leave for a couple weeks and look what happens...Worse then the weather in Minnesota changing every other day!!!

    You shouldn't leave next time. But I wouldn't worry about it. Like it or not is the Official website and I have an obligation to that site over any other. I appreciate the supportive comments I've received but this isn't worth it. People can belong to as many forums as they want, maybe a thread talking about the other forum should be moderated to keep this one Mod happy if anything could make him happy.

    I talked to gregg palmer out at winterset. he stated he gets more flak for killing that dog than anything he's ever done. also said that when the dog attacked him in the courtyard scene it scared the you know what out of him.i found him to be a very courteous and accommodating man.:cowboy:

    Gregg was a great guy to talk to. We chatted for a few minutes at the VIP dinner and then asked to take a picture, he grabbed my wife and he said I prefer this shot with the pretty lady. I also got the Sunday Symposium and his jokes on video... that is his stories I should say.

    I got a note from your friend today Bill... he's on the other site.

    It makes it very difficult to stay hear and watch a certain "Moderator" bad mouth me and the other site simply because I told someone I was fulfilling her request that was made on the other board. I've never put a direct link for that person, I kept it as vague as possible just so the person knew the info was available. I understand there are some hard feelings that this board wasn't selected to be the main forum but some people just don't understand that it just wasn't going to be possible for that to happen. I'm sure that moderator thinks I should have just posted the list here but Ethan has entrusted me to do what's best for the Official Message Board. And now in turn that moderator has posted nearly every list from the book I was using and has ruined any chance for us to run the sort of contests we were wanting to run for the members.

    I enjoyed helping out this board with the buttons, getting the word out and I'm sure it's paid off quite a bit with many new members. But I never expected the opportunity of a lifetime to fall in my lap like it did. The new Official Board is going to go places. It won't dry up and fade away, many people will have to learn to live with that. It's something that I have been told that the family has wanted to do for a long time. But what hurts after what I've done for this board is to be accused of "redirecting our members, to other sites!" That is something I have absolutely NOT done. To accuse me of that only shows that persons ignorance. Although I do know the reverse is being done. I was recently approached about a PM they received about this site.

    I hoped we could share information, not necessarily work together but make it easy for the two places to co-exist. I know there is a problem that legal council has put a stipulation that other forums can NOT be mentioned elsewhere but that's not my fault and there are reasons. Wayne Enterprises holds the licensing for much of the Wayne legacy and believe it or not many of his films and images are still the property of many of the studios. There are many things posted over here that wouldn't pass the scrutiny of the complex copyright laws. We already had to remove two posts for that reason and I know it's made people mad but the site is what it is. The Official Legacy of John Wayne. With that title comes responsibility, guidelines and organizations that will scrutinize everything we do. I'm working on a project for the Official Forum that will take awhile since every turn has to be approved and scrutinized. It's not Michael's fault while he was in charge or Ethan's fault now that he is in charge or the attorney's fault for interpreting the laws but it's the fault of the crazy rules and regulations of our Congress and private entities like the MPAA, RIAA and other groups associated with movies, music and others.

    I do what I have to do to make the new site operate smoothly. If certain people here are going to continue to make it difficult and a constant "battle of the sites" then it's just going to hurt both boards. And rather then having to deal with that constant battle I felt it was just easier to leave. It's 3 a.m. here and I have a full day tomorrow. So there are choices available! Some people need to think it through.

    could not get to jersey this weeked will check it out later in the week.

    Don't worry about it Bill. The tickets came out in April and I believe the game is over already. Thanks anyway. You'd have to let me know on the other forum since I'll be devoting my entire time over there from now on.

    I would like to see a Thompson/Giuliani ticket. But something like Clinton/Obama, you might as well go out and shoot yourselves now.

    After today's market some people might just go out and actually do that. Something better happen fast or people are going to panic. The bottom is falling out of the market. We need some strong leadership to put the pieces back together. People that took these variable interest rate mortgages should have their head examined. I re-financed during the big drop and got a 15 year 6% fixed rate. He mentioned variable and I told him where to put it.

    If anything ever happens, someone needs to drop Pelosi down the elevator shaft. And hope Cheney is taking his meds. Or maybe by then Fred Thompson will be the President.

    Immigrants already have to take an extensive test to get US Citizenship but nothing like we do growing up and going through our high school system. The give potential citizens are given a book they have to study that has things like the Bill of Rights, the Constitution and other things in it that they have to then take a closed book test much like our drivers test and pass it to get the Naturalized Citizenship certificate. But it should by no means be considered enough to do a constitutional amendment to allow them to become President.

    And your right about Kissinger... he would have been passed over. The law only applies to the office of the President of the United States. They have executive orders of succession for nearly every governmental agency in the US. There have been a few Presidential Succession Acts in our history:

    Presidential Succession Act of 1792 (Used 23 times)
    Presidential Succession Act of 1886 (Used 9 times)
    Presidential Succession Act of 1947 including it's numerous modifications. (Used 5 times) The 25th Amendment is one of those slight modifications.

    Here is an excellent site about all of it:

    He was of enough sound mind to do Flags of our Fathers and Letters from Iwo Jima so he can't be too bad off. I doubt he'd want such a responsibility. It really takes a toll on the person. I saw some recent before and after Clinton and G.W. pictures. They aged very badly.

    I picked up a book not too long ago, I may have even posted about it in another thread, but it's a book of 334 movie posters that were auctioned off back in 2004.

    The poster you have of The War Wagon went for $129. The prices depend on the condition. The same place that put out the book is still selling posters. I know someone donated a mint condition poster of The Quiet Man at the centennial celebration and the owner was donating it to the new museum. He wanted the starting price listed at $15,000. It looked like it was brand new and encased in glass probably for the last 50 years.

    I was hoping Clint Eastwood might run for President, I still remember him in one of his first roles, Rowdy Yates, in Rawhide, in this day and age, he could put new meaning to the theme song, where they say,
    " Now head 'em up, and move 'em Out !"
    Unfortunately, Clint isn't quite as conservative as some of the characters he has played.:yeaahh:

    And Clint is getting rather old these days.

    Is there anyone on this board that currently resides in New Jersey? This is very important. Please let me know as soon as possible. Even if you live across the bridge or somewhere close to a NJ border. I would appreciate an immedtate contact. Thank you!

    Hell will freeze over before that happens... My wife and I frequent a local fast food place when she works late. Recently we've had problems with our orders. I got so ticked off I grabbed the order myself and drove 2 miles back to the restaurant. When I walked in the door, threw the bag on the counter and said very loudly... "Do you have anyone working hear that still knows how to read or speak English?" A worked walked up and I said, get your manager. I kept the loud tone and repeated my request to talk to someone that knew how to read. I watched as they re-made my order but I definitely caught their attention, we haven't had another problem since. Their little order tickets showed exactly how I wanted my order but apparently no one bothered to read the order. After 4 times I flipped and went there myself.

    Quote from Chester

    I suspect our founding fathers realized that someone not raised in our country might not have a full understanding or appreciation of our Constitution, may not have an appreciation of our Bill of Rights. Many people are raised in countries where freedom of speech doesn't exist, and where the right to keep and bear arms doesn't exist. Consequently, they may be easily influenced to give up said rights.

    Your exactly right. Someone that doesn't live in our country or grow up in our country, born in our country and take our heritage classes, history classes can truly understand our Constitution, Bill of Rights and the basic need to be lead by officials that understand our basic laws and reasons for those laws. Arnold will have to settle for California only.

    ALERT... this will not be PC.

    Hatch is a twit... he flip-flops on veterans issues. The Awnold (Arnold) bill is a joke. It's bad enough when I call a customer service line I have to talk to some idiot that doesn't even speak English. Now they expect me to respect a President who can't speak any better than some of these customer service departments? No way... Natural born US citizens only... open that door that Hatch is trying to do and your asking for real trouble. We already have too many hopping the border like it's nothing. Now we want to allow them to become President someday? The voters of this country will not allow it... Duke would not allow it. Hatch is doing it for one reason only... look at the state he represents. nuf said!

    You see President Schwarznegger wont be too bad. Even The Simpsons have accepted the outcome:wink_smile:


    I doubt he wrote the proclamation, probably some well education secretary. Bite your tongue DP... he can never be president. Aliens are not allowed by the Constitution.