Lady Gaga‘s song “John Wayne” reflects her relationship with her father

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John Wayne had a massive impact on pop culture. For example, one of Lady Gaga‘s songs is called “John Wayne.” Gaga revealed the song reflects her relationship with her father and other men.

Gaga became known for dance-pop hits like “Poker Face” and “Born This Way.” In 2016, she released an album called Joanne which contained more of a country music influence than her previous albums. During a 2016 interview with Apple Music, Gaga said she didn’t want to overly concern herself with giving her fans what they want.

Lady Gaga expressed her preference for ‘wild men’ in her song ‘John Wayne’
One of the tracks from Joanne is called “John Wayne.” In the song’s opening, Gaga says she is attracted to cowboys. She proclaims she would rather date a man like Wayne than a city guy. She explained why she wrote the song. “That record is about why do I chase wild men?” she said. “I chase wild men because I chase my dad.”

Gaga revealed her feelings about her father. “My dad is a wild man,” she said. “Why is he a wild man? Because he lost his sister when he was 15. And since he lost his sister, he’s been chasing away to not feel the pain.”

Source: Cheatsheet