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  • Despite his dislike of Geraldine Page she was nominated for an Academy Award for her role in Hondo and also won a Best actress Academy Award forher 1986 picture A Trip to Bountiful.
    hortly before Hondo reached the screen there were plans at Warners to pair the two to-grther in a film which was to be called 'The Wicker Basket' but this was quickly denied by Warner Brothers officials.
    My choice for one of the best actressesseen in a John Wayne Picture - Vera Miles
    seen in The Searchers. The Man Who Shot liberty Valance and Hellfighters
    The worst I agree another Vera - Vera Ralston

    Walk Tall - Talk Low

  • I would have to say Gail Russell and Patricia Neal. I like Patricia Neal. She seemed to be calm cool and collected.
    Little Duke

  • To get back on this rare Lady-takes-a-chance-version:

    It's quite possible that there are different versions.
    During the war years ("Lady" was made in 43) the US government established different bureaus of censorship, checking on different points:
    - suitable to be released to US citizens in terms of morale?
    - to allies, such as the British? To show Americans playboying around, as Wayne here surely does, could be such a case. His "Allegheny Uprising" was withdrawn from the British market and severly cut, then re-released later as "The First Rebel".
    - to neutral countries, again: would it hurt the American image?
    - the Catholic censors had their 2-cents- words, as well as censors in the different states

    Now "Lady" sure was ahead of its time in terms of sex-comedy. Therefore I could imagine that there could be different versions. That scene in the desert is a tricky one: audience weren't supposed to see a couple going to bed together (they had to have their feet on the ground when seen even only sitting on a bed). Now here they sleep in the same desert away from each other - but they wake up together!!! So - and I'm guessing here - the dreamsequence could have been put in there to tell audiences: she was busy dreaming the whole night.

    Nobody ever saw this version?

  • I think many were good and perhaps Gail Russel stands out. Ms Ohara is well loved but her roles ofton had confrontational foundations.

    Greetings from North of the 49th