What Was The Last Western You Watched?

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  • Hi

    I'm watching American Outlaws at the moment it's good movie and it's got some great one liners.
    Other than that the the last western I watched was Angel and the Badman (the original I've not seen the remake) it's a movie that I don't watch all that often but every time I do I remember why I like it so much.

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  • I don't know if this can be classified as a Western or not? but, I just picked up on Sat, a copy of: The Spoilers w/ Duke and Dietrich. I have not seen it before and am looking forward to a "new" John Wayne experiance. I should be watching it by Tues night or so.

    BTW, these are selling at W-M for $5 bucks per-as well as Rooster Cogburn and True Grit.

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  • Once Upon A Texas Train.1987 TV movie.
    Richard Widmark, Angie Dickinson, Willie Nelson, Chuck Connors, Stuart Whitman and other John Wayne fellow actors.

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