The Searchers (1956)

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  • Hi Senta

    I understand now. I will have to check whether the Ultimate Edition has widescreen and academy versions. The reason I am querying the print is that the Ultimate Edition print is already great but it will be interesting to see what has been done in terms of print.



  • Quote

    Originally posted by DukePilgrim@Dec 13 2006, 10:30 AM
    Wonder is this a clever marketing ploy to make sure we have at least 2 versions :wacko:


    The initial release (1997) of The Searchers on Region 1 had both versions. But not including the fullframe version in the Ultimate Collector's Edition (Region 1) is certainly no loss.

    It illustrates how DVD packages can vary from region to region. Here's an example -- in this case not crossing an ocean.

    The Ultimate Collector's Edition (UCE) was included in my Region 1 box set of the John Wayne-John Ford Film Collection. It wasn't supposed to be included according to the product description (it was supposed to be the Ultimate Edition). To make room for the UCE, which is twice the thickness of the UE, Stagecoach was excluded altogether. But on the box set itself, the one I received, there's no mention of Stagecoach. When I Google the UPC number on my set, the results show that Stagecoach is included.

    My box set is probably the early Canadian release and rights to Stagecoach, or rights to some part of its special features, hadn't been cleared yet in Canada.

  • As my name indicates this is my favorite Duke western. I always found it odd and comical concerning the indian under the rock and Nesbys comments that went something like this "Indians on the raid generally hide their dead and if they ain't afraid of us finding then their not of afraid of us following". I always wondered what about burying their dead under a rock was not trying to hide it?

  • Any decent tracker would have been able to find that dead Indian under the rock.

    Nesby was aware of the fact that the Comanche were not covering their tracks and were ultimately lurring the rangers into a trap.



  • I always wondered what about burying their dead under a rock was not trying to hide it?

    Put an amen to it!

    First of all, we would like to welcome you to the John Wayne Message Board, the best of its kind on the 'Net! I hope you will check out some of the threads in the Newbie forum and post there, so we can got better acquainted with you.

    Second, regarding burying dead under a rock, as I understand it wasn't so much to hide a body, but often to keep wild animals from digging up the body and eating on it.

    Chester :newyear:

  • My wife got me the Ultimate Collector's Edition for Xmas. I loved the comic book and the book with all the clips and articles in it. Then the other envelope with all the set photos was great too. I'd like to see a similar set done for The Comancheros or The Conqueror with some info about all the stories and the sickness that followed that filming. We've lost a lot of great actors/actresses from that film set. You don't hear much about his family. I wonder if Patrick has any health problems?

  • The Searchers DVD has been named as the best DVD release of 2006 by Sound & Vision Magazine. One more for the Duke !!

    Best Picture, Sound, and Extras on DVD
    1. The Searchers (Ultimate Collector's Edition; Warner, 2 discs). The John Ford/John Wayne classic never looked better, in crisp Technicolor and Ford's preferred VistaVision aspect ratio. With tons of interviews and other extras, including the 1956 comic book! — Mel Neuhaus
    2. King Kong (2005, Deluxe Extended Edition; Universal, 3 discs). The impeccably detailed video and audio are reason enough to praise this release, but you also get a boatload of extras, including 40 minutes of deleted scenes. — Rad Bennett
    3. Forbidden Planet (Ultimate Collector's Edition; Warner, 2 discs). Beautiful color and crystal-clear CinemaScope images are so good that a guest mistook the disc for high-def. Great extras, too: documentaries, a whole other Robby the Robot feature — even a Robby toy! — Mel Neuhaus
    4. The Seven Samurai (The Criterion Collection, 3 discs). A mini film-school course on Akira Kurosawa and the samurai genre. Fifty-year-old movies have no business looking this good. — Brandon Grafius
    5. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (Special Edition; Disney, 2 discs). See Johnny swashbuckle amidst ace CGI effects, an immersive soundtrack, and lots of making-of extras. — Marc Horowitz
    6. Apocalypse Now (The Complete Dossier; Paramount, 2 discs). Images and sonics rock, but buy this set for the extras: deleted/extended scenes, a Francis Ford Coppola commentary, and stuff on Marlon Brando that's worth the price of admission all by itself. — Marc Horowitz
    7. V for Vendetta (Special Edition; Warner, 2 discs). The antiestablishment movie to end all antiestablishment movies, in a state-of-the-art transfer. Most important extra (on Guy Fawkes) clarifies the plot. — Rad Bennett
    8. Young Mr. Lincoln (The Criterion Collection, 2 discs). Plenty of interviews and other background material — and besides Criterion's usual fine video transfer, a great audio restoration. — Sol Louis Siegel
    9. The Proposition (First Look). This Australian Western gets the grand treatment: a commentary, featurettes, and a kicking DTS surround track that really uses all of the channels. — Sol Louis Siegel
    10. The War of the Worlds (1953, Special Collector's Edition; Para-mount). Vibrant colors are restored and scratches eliminated in this A+ transfer. Extras include Orson Welles's famous radio version. — Rad Bennett

    http://www.soundandvisionmag.c…cds-and-dvds-of-2006.html link to magazine

  • Its in good and bad company. On the plus side there is 'The Seven Samurai' and 'Young Mr Lincoln' but on the negative side there is 'King Kong'.

    I'm glad however that this particular version of 'The Searchers' is of a high standard as this is a pretty exceptional movie. Do the extras for this movie simply include 'The turning of the Earth' documentary and modern directors take on this exceptional movie?



  • The Ultimate Collectors Edition is worth every penny and then some. The release includes the comic book and a book of old clippings and miniature posters for the film release. The first DVD includes:

    • Introduction by Patrick Wayne
    • The Searchers (Original Release) Widescreen
    • Commentary by Peter Bogdanovich
    • Theatrical Tralier

    The second DVD includes the following items:

    • The Searchers: An Appreciation
    • A Turning of the Earth: John Ford, John Wayne & The Searchers
    • Behind The Cameras

      1. Meet Jeffrey Hunter
      2. Monument Valley
      3. Meet Natalie Wood
      4. Setting Up Production

    • The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford Theatrical Trailer
  • I whole heartedly agree with DakotaSurfer.

    If you have not picked this DVD up then you are surely missing out on a great treasure.

    Life is hard, its even harder when your stupid!!
    -John Wayne

  • Looks like I am going to have to upgrade to The Ultimate Collectors Edition
    as it is so highly rated.

    I think my present one is pretty neat at the moment I stand ready to be impressed.


  • Mike,

    I've been checking in on the message board pretty regular, but somehow I missed this until today. Thanks for sharing it. I don't think I have the "Ultimate Collection" Searchers, although I do think my DVD has many of the features listed above. But there are a few more goodies with the collection, so I might just have to add it to my personal collection.

    Thanks again!

    Chester :newyear: