Westward Ho! (1935)

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    Plot Summary
    Ballard's trail jumpers attack the Wyatt Company wagon train,
    killing young John's parents and kidnaping his brother, Jim.
    In post-Civil War California, John Wyatt, now a man, pulls together a vigilante posse, The Singing Riders,
    who all ride white horses, dress alike, and ride the trails singing and rounding up outlaw gangs.
    Meanwhile, John is ever on the lookout for the gang that murdered his parents.
    Summary written by Jeff Hole

    Full Cast
    John Wayne .... John Wyatt
    Sheila Bromley .... Mary Gordon (as Sheila Mannors)
    Frank McGlynn Jr. .... Jim Wyatt
    Jim Farley .... Lafe Gordon (herd owner) (as James Farley)
    Jack Curtis .... Whit Ballard
    Bradley Metcalfe .... John Wyatt as a child
    Dickie Jones .... Jim Wyatt as a child
    Mary MacLaren .... Ma Wyatt
    Yakima Canutt .... Red (Ballard henchman)
    Hank Bell .... Mark Wyatt
    Glenn Strange .... Carter (singing rider)
    Silver Tip Baker .... Townsman (uncredited)
    Chuck Baldra .... Singing rider (uncredited)
    Charles Brinley .... Vigilante (uncredited)
    Bob Burns .... Vigilante (uncredited)
    Fred Burns .... Vigilante (uncredited)
    Edward Coxen .... State official (uncredited)
    Earl Dwire .... Townsman notifying vigilantes (uncredited)
    Frank Ellis .... Russell (vigilante) (uncredited)
    Herman Hack .... Ballard henchman (uncredited)
    Henry Hall .... State official (uncredited)
    Edward Hearn .... Townsman (uncredited)
    Ray Henderson .... Vigilante (uncredited)
    Lloyd Ingraham .... State official (uncredited)
    Jack Ingram .... Vigilante (uncredited)
    Jack Kirk .... Singing rider (uncredited)
    Frank LaRue .... State official (uncredited)
    Cactus Mack .... Henchman Hank (uncredited)
    Clyde McClary .... Vigilante (uncredited)
    Tex Palmer .... Ballard henchman (uncredited)
    Eddie Parker .... Henchman Ed (uncredited)
    Fred Parker .... State official (uncredited)
    Hal Price .... State official (uncredited)
    Charles Sargent .... Singing rider (uncredited)
    James Sheridan .... Townsman (uncredited)
    Al Taylor .... Ballard henchman (uncredited)
    Arthur Thalasso .... Bartender (uncredited)

    Writing Credits
    Harry Friedman
    Lindsley Parsons also story
    Robert Emmett Tansey also story (as Robert Emmett)

    Archie Stout

    This was Republic Pictures' first production.

    * Continuity: The handwriting on the notes that John Wyatt distributes varies between different notes.

    Filming Locations
    Alabama Hills, Lone Pine, California, USA
    Owens Valley, California, USA

    Best Wishes
    London- England

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  • Westward Ho is a 1935 American Western film released by Republic Pictures,
    Directed by Robert N. Bradbury and starring John Wayne.

    The significant detail about this film, is that it was
    the 1st. film released by Republic Studios
    In 1935, Monogram, Lone Star, Mascot, and Consolidated Film Laboratories,
    amalgamated to form this new company, which included the holdings, of
    producers, Nat Levine, Trem Carr and Paul Malvern
    Budgets were to be increased, and filming would take 2 weeks!!!
    and even more horses would be used!!
    Duke, would eventually become the studios biggest star,
    making 33 films with them, nearly a quarter, of his film career.

    In this first one Duke is on the trail, of the man, who killed his parents,
    and kidnapped his brother(Frank McGlynn Jnr.)
    Duke organizes a vigilante group called, 'The Singin' Riders'
    dressed in black shirts, whites scarfs, and astride white horses.

    The film is served well, with the Sierra Mountains, as a backdrop.
    The extended budgets, were having visual effect, and it was a vast improvement.
    This was the most expensive film Duke had starred in since The Big Trail.

    The film, still relied heavily on the work of Yakima Canutt,
    and turned out to be a class picture, well received by audiences.

    User Review

    Best Wishes
    London- England

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  • I just watched this a few days ago and after seeing all the Lone Star westerns I didn't have very high expectations. I was surprised by how good it was. Along with "Born to the West" this must be the best of his B-westerns.

  • what am i nominated for?i made no remarks on westward ho-i liked the scenery in the movie, the singing riders would be enough to scare me sraight! can anyone tell me exactly who dubbed jw voice in the singing years-glenn strange,ballew??riders of destiny the best who dubbed on that one-it kinda sounds like the duke if he could sing-id like to thank the academy for the nomination and my mom for taking me to see the green berets,big jake,rooster cogburn and branigan in the movie theaters