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  • You are Very Wrong About Gail Russell She was a Very Nice and Beautiful Person and Duke Never Drank Boose when He was around Her Because He Knew Her Problem that She Got at a Very Young Age !
    When They where doing
    "The Angel and The Badman"
    In Sedona, Arizona in 1947 Duke Watched Her Like a Hawk to Keep Her away from Boose of any Kind, and when They were staying at The Cottonwood Hotel and going on Pick-Nicks on Oak Creek at Cornville there was Never Any Boose Duke Saw To That !!
    How Do I Know ? Because I Was There, and I Don't Think Many of You were even Here Yet !!!
    Now as for The Mexican Fire Ball Chata,
    She Drank Her Self To Death Also ?

  • We can only go by the facts Bill, that are written down.
    We were not born then, obviously, but that doesn't
    stop us profiling the facts.

    Your opinion is always valid, whether right or wrong,
    but please refrain from answering every post I'm making,
    by refuting it!!

    Best Wishes
    London- England

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  • So now You want Me To Just Shut Up when I Say Somthing that You Don't Like, if you are Wrong Your Wrong ?
    I am Sorry That I Stepped On Your Toes, But Please Don't Step on Mine It Brings Out The Mean Side Of Me !

  • Quote

    I think Duke did have a good time when he was with Gail, it was she who was having the bad time.

    She was a real corker, and I'm sure she would have made Duke happy,
    at least sadly, they could have had a good drink together!!

    I didn't say that Duke did have a drink with Gail,
    but they sure could have done, if Duke wanted!

    Best Wishes
    London- England

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  • Thanks to Keith for having this message board as organized as it is, with the many Pals of the Saddles entries, all separated out where it is easy to find out about specific people.

    I also want to commend lasbugas for his awesome tributes on YT

    Here's one that focuses on Gail Russell (with the added bonus of Dean Martin's singing!) -

  • One reason I like John Wayne so much is that he was terrific with the ladies. Maureen O'Hara most of all, but his other leading ladies too.

    Like...Gail Russell in Angel and the Badman.

    The Duke really knew how to kiss a girl. *sigh*

    OK, one more with Gail. :)

  • this is a great film and at the same time very underrated.the chemistry between wayne and russell was great.the best film of the two that they were in.i think they were having an affair when they were making the film.even chata pulled a gun on john wayne during her drinking rage believing he was having an affair.didn't johnwayne offer the role of annie greer in the western seven men from now,because she was'nt getting much acting roles the way she was one beauiful lady.

  • I have to (respectfully) disagree with the assessment that JW had anything other than a friendly relationship with Gail.

    He was supportive of her, because she was in a very fragile state. By this time in his life, he was over that business.

    As for Chata pulling a gun on him - she did that more than once, and she was constantly accusing him of sleeping with any woman that even glanced his way, in addition to any mention (by him) of other women, no matter the context.

    She was jealous of his ever growing fame, as she had (even before they met) already had her "moment" in the cinematic sun...

    Most people associated with BOTH movies they made together assert their eyewitness accounts to JW's & GR's platonic relationship.