In Old California (1942)

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    • In Old California (1942)



      Photo with the courtesy of lasbugas

      Information from IMDb

      Plot Summary
      Boston pharmacist Tom Craig comes to Sacramento,
      where he runs afoul of local political boss Britt Dawson, who exacts protection payment from the citizenry.
      Dawson frames Craig with poisoned medicine, but Craig redeems himself during a Gold Rush epidemic.
      Summary written by Jim Beaver

      Full Cast
      John Wayne .... Tom Craig
      Binnie Barnes .... Lacey Miller
      Albert Dekker .... Britt Dawson
      Helen Parrish .... Ellen Sanford
      Patsy Kelly .... Helga
      Edgar Kennedy .... Kegs McKeever
      Dick Purcell .... Joe Dawson
      Harry Shannon .... Mr. Carlin
      Charles Halton .... Mr. Hayes
      Emmett Lynn .... Whitey
      Robert McKenzie .... Mr. Bates (as Bob McKenzie)
      Milton Kibbee .... Ezra Tompkins
      Paul Sutton .... Chick
      Anne O'Neal .... Mrs. Tompkins
      Richard Alexander .... Clem (uncredited)
      Jessie Arnold .... Worried woman (uncredited)
      Hooper Atchley .... Higgins (uncredited)
      Sam Bernard .... Miner (uncredited)
      Stanley Blystone .... San Francisco deputy (uncredited)
      Edward Brady .... Angry citizen in lynch mob (uncredited)
      Frank Brownlee .... Man on street (uncredited)
      Zeke Canova .... Miner (uncredited)
      Horace B. Carpenter .... Townsman (uncredited)
      Jack Carr .... Man who warns of Kegs' arrival (uncredited)
      Lynne Carver .... (uncredited)
      Chester Conklin .... (uncredited)
      Jim Corey .... Shorty (uncredited)
      Wade Crosby .... San Francisco bartender (uncredited)
      Donald Curtis .... Pike (Dawson's henchman) (uncredited)
      Pearl Early .... Mrs. Bates (uncredited)
      Heenan Elliott .... Bit part (uncredited)
      Frank Ellis .... Wagon driver (uncredited)
      Fern Emmett .... Mrs. Coggins (uncredited)
      Esther Estrella .... Maria Alvarez (uncredited)
      Jim Farley .... Smollett (uncredited)
      Martin Faust .... Miner (uncredited)
      Martin Garralaga .... Señor Alvarez (uncredited)
      Dorothy Granger .... Girl in first saloon (uncredited)
      Karl Hackett .... Charlie (wagon owner) (uncredited)
      Frank Hagney .... Angry citizen in lynch mob (uncredited)
      Robert Homans .... Marshal Alvin Thompson (uncredited)
      Olin Howland .... (uncredited)
      Frank Jaquet .... Dr. Glaggett (uncredited)
      Lew Kelly .... Forty-Niner (uncredited)
      Jack Kirk .... Wagon driver on run (uncredited)
      Emily LaRue .... Rosita Alvarez (uncredited)
      Rex Lease .... Gold strike rider (uncredited)
      George Lloyd .... San Francisco sheriff (uncredited)
      Merrill McCormick .... (uncredited)
      Frank McGlynn Sr. .... (uncredited)
      Joe McGuinn .... Deputy (uncredited)
      Harry McKim .... Boy at wharf (uncredited)
      Carl Miller .... Saloon patron (uncredited)
      Michael Miller .... Yerp Bates (uncredited)
      Frank Mills .... Loudmouthed oaf (uncredited)
      Art Mix .... (uncredited)
      James C. Morton .... Red (Sacramento bartender) (uncredited)
      Frank O'Connor .... Bystander on riverboat (uncredited)
      Bud Osborne .... (uncredited)
      Jack O'Shea .... Saloon patron (uncredited)
      Ralph Peters .... (uncredited)
      Ruth Robinson .... Mrs. Higgins (uncredited)
      Forrest Taylor .... Man in saloon with Carlin (uncredited)
      Harry Tenbrook .... Saloon waiter (uncredited)
      Harry Tyler .... Huckster (uncredited)
      Minerva Urecal .... Mrs. Carson (uncredited)
      Guy Usher .... Captain of first boat (uncredited)
      Max Waizmann .... Bystander (uncredited)
      Fred Walburn .... Archie Higgins (uncredited)
      Cecil Weston .... Mrs. Marvin (uncredited)
      Slim Whitaker .... Man on street (uncredited)
      Blackie Whiteford .... Man in crowd (uncredited)
      Matt Willis .... Joker at bar in San Francisco (uncredited)

      Writing Credits
      J. Robert Bren (story) and
      Gladys Atwater (story)
      Gertrude Purcell (screenplay) and
      Frances Hyland (screenplay)

      [B][U]Original Music
      David Buttolph

      Jack A. Marta

      * John Wayne plays a druggist. In real life, his father was a licensed pharmacist.

      Filming Location
      Kernville, California, USA
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • In Old California is a 1942 film starring John Wayne
      as a Boston pharmacist who relocates to Sacramento during the Gold Rush.
      The movie was directed by William C. McGann.

      Ironically Duke could play the part of a druggist with some real life conviction,
      as his father was one, and I am sure, Duke, drew off this experience.
      However audiences objected to this subdued hero!

      Although, as America at the time, was embroiled in land grabbing agression,
      Duke significantly made this remark in the movie,
      Doesn't anybody fight back around here?.. Angry men defending their home, Can never be defeated

      Although the story was quite routine, it was a high budget production.
      Duke benefited from from a good supporting cast,
      Binnie Barnes, Albert Dekker and Patsy Kelly.
      The film was photographed upstate, in Kernville, but for all the camerawork,
      and extravagant costumes, for Duke and his leading lady,
      the picture added up to pretty dreary entertainment.

      User Review
      Author: orneryrenegade from Chicago area
      Will begin by saying that I've been a major John Wayne fan all of my life and have seen many many of his movies,
      and have screened many of those dozens and scores of times. Recently I viewed this title for the first time.
      Personally, I feel the film was very well done, and in particular is a solid testament to the fact that the Duke
      had a much better ability to portray different characters than he has often been credited with.
      Granted, some Wayne movies are superior to others, but this one had tremendous entertainment value
      and certainly does not deserve the negative reviews I have read of it.
      The vast majority of John Wayne's movies rate an overall "good" at the very least,
      and certainly all of them are worth watching once. I highly recommend this one to even the most apathetic,
      luke-warm John Wayne fans, and even to his most critical detractors as it really was 88 minutes
      of good entertainment so make some popcorn,
      snuggle on the couch with your sweetheart and enjoy this unusual John Wayne film...
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: In Old California (1942)

      I'm watching "In Old California" right now. I've always seen it as a semi comedy, and never miss a chance to see it.

      As with any John Wayne flick, I have my glass of bourbon and a Cuban cigar.
      "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."
    • Re: In Old California (1942)

      ethanedwards wrote:

      Watch the Full Movie


      Until joining this post I was totally unaware you could watch all these films gratis online.

      It's great o know... The only thing is I've done my money having already bought every Duke title available on DVD of Blu ray! :wink_smile:
      You live and learn.
      "Pour yourself some backbone and shut up!"

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