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  • I just recently noticed somehting odd about something in the movie: None But the Brave. There is a scene where 3 Marines are sent to go steal the boat the Japanese Soldiers had built and the Japanese Lieutenant--is at first seen with a Nambu pistol in a scene or two where he isnt to fire it. However, at the boat theft scenes, he is holding a GERMAN Walther P-38--which he fires a few times during the movie. Hmmm, has me thinking that Nambus werent even good for firing blanks. :lol::lol::lol: I already knew they were Carp-for weapons to begin with but-apparently they were CARP for firing blanks too.

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  • Today, wife and I went to see The Hunger Games and it was good. Post apocolyptic story about teenagers being chosen by the powers that be to fight to the death and the winner getting a feast of food. Food is in short supply.

  • Getting in the mood for a war movie marathon, and this is because i might be coming away with 4 lobby cards from a favorite of mine: Battle of the Bulge.

    Es Ist Verboten Mit Gefangenen In Einzelhaft Zu Sprechen..

  • Limitless. An interesting film, but I don't think I will be watching it again.

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  • Hell To Eternity w/ Jeffrey Hunter, Richard Eyer, Georges: Shibata, Takai, Sessue Hayakawa, John Larch, David Janssen & Vic Damone.

    A superb Pacific War war movie.

    Es Ist Verboten Mit Gefangenen In Einzelhaft Zu Sprechen..

  • Hi

    Watched yesterday the John Ford masterpiece starring John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara Ward Bond Victor MacLaglen, Barry Fitzgerald and a host of Irish players

    Don't think its necessary to name the picture



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