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  • Back To Bataan, I was surprised how much I enjoyed this after it had a slow start, I thought this was at least as good as if not better than The Sands of Iwo Jima as I felt the supporting players were stronger here and the story particularly in the middle was very enjoyable about the fortitude of the Philippine people and I got a history lesson as my WWII knowledge consists mostly of Europe based stuff. Duke was good as usual here and managed to mix light hearted and tough well given the role and Anthony Quinn was very good in support. Have to give mention to Beulah Blondi who I mostly know as Jimmy Stewart's mother in other films but she was very good here as a fiery headmistress.

  • Mosquito Squadron starring David McCallum, this must have been a low cost movie because a lot of the scenes in the movie I had seen in 633 Squadron or which ever movie was made first.

  • "Star Trek: Journey into Darkness" in 3D IMAX. I'm not much of a Star Trek fan, but have seen the original series in re-runs, and the films once or twice over the years, so I wasn't expecting much except a professional bit of storytelling and amusing banter from the protagonists. We've also seen remarkable 3D movies such as "Polar Express" and "Avatar", among others, so we figured we knew what the current state of 3D was.
    Well, we were wrong. This sucker knocks everything that proceeded it out of any park in the world - even Yellowstone Natural Park.
    The plot, acting, music, editing, sound and special 3D effects are stunning. I sat there grinning in the dark and dodging thrown objects like George W. Bush ducking under a shoe behind a podium.
    This is a 100% immersion into a filmed experience. I thought I was ten years old again and transported mind and body into a theater screen.
    It's a bit expensive, but if any of you can afford the excursion to an IMAX theater, this is the one to see. I'd advise watching the old "Wrath of Khan" movie as well as the the predecessor to this movie if you're spotty on some history.

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