Last Non Western You Watched

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  • dillinger tv movie with mark's a ok gangster movie,hard to take mark harmon serious as john dillinger as he's to much of a pretty face.

  • I cought parts of several movies from the TCM Korean War war movies marathon, they include: Men of the Fighting ady, Battle Circus, Battle Taxi, Hell In Korea, The Bamboo Prison, and a couple of others. Ill soon have about 10 of those whown on DvD thanks to a kind Gent ;-))

    Ill also get to see: The Rack which has Paul Newman and Walter Pidgeon. I heard this movie was pretty good.

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  • Torpedo Run, a thrilling submarine war movie, starring Glenn Ford and Ernest Borgnine.

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  • The Patriot with Mel Gibson, always a good movie for July 4th. - I watched the extended version. Longer and more cruel than the original version, but not better...

    At night I watched some episodes of Magnum p.i., one of my favourite TV-shows when I was younger and I still like it!

    "Never apologize. It´s a sign of weakness."

  • "Blood Work"

    Being a Clint Eastwood fan, I'm not sure how I missed this one all this time! Good little murder of those movies you can only watch once, due to the twist ending (even If we do figure it out early on). Not a bad little "whodunit".