John Wayne's Stand In

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  • Hi~
    I'm brand new and was wondering if anyone knew of who was John Wayne's movie double? Or his stand in or stunt double for his movies? Did he have more than one?

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    If my memory hasn't gotten completely out of hand, I believe Chuck Roberson (also known as "Bad Chuck") was JW's stunt double in many of his later pictures. He was seen in many small roles in JW's pictures. His most prominent role (correct me if I'm wrong, folks) was in McLintock where he played the sheriff.
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  • Two come to mid right off: "Good Chuck" Hayward (so named for his outgoing and friendly personality), and "Bad Chuck" Roberson (due to his affection for the opposite sex, according to what Maureen O'Hara observed on the set of Rio Grande!).

    Roberson was in most of the John Wayne films of the late 40's through the 70's, and sometimes got a really juicy part. He even got to romance Yvonne DeCarlo in "McLintock." He was a member of the John Ford Stock Company along wityh the Duke and Ms. O'Hara.

    According to IMDB, Hayward had a horse that could fall on cue named "Twinkle Toes!"

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    We have a real knowledgeable bunch here, as you can see, and if there any other doubles to be named, these are the folks that'll do it.

    Again . . . welcome!

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  • Hi

    If I'm not mistaken I think that the stuntman Joe Yrigoyen (who incidentally was born 96 years ago yesterday) also stood in for Wayne on occasions.



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  • Others who doubled Duke:
    Ted White-Hatari
    Jim Burke-True Grit & The Shootist
    Jock Mahoney-various 40s Republic films
    Chuck Hayward-The Alamo(parts, along with Chuck Roberson), North To Alaska
    Fred Graham-40s Republics

  • Sorry, I meant Bob Morgan for The Alamo & North to Alaska (altho Hayward & Roberson also did doubling in the film).

  • AWW:cry2:

    You have totally shattered my illusions with this topic!!

    Just like Father Christmas is real, until now I believed JW did it all himself!

    Your just kidding right?

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  • Hi

    There is the famous story that when Chuck Roberson took his grandson around the studio the boy asked Duke what he did in films. Duke replied that he stood in for his grandad on close ups'



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  • I have a question being asked from someone on a differrent forum board, I'll relay any answer back, the question is basically was there someone who worked on the Milwaukee railroad do standin work for John Wayne?