John Wayne's Stand In

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    • Welcome shcrubery to the JWMB. Come visit with us often.
      If my memory hasn't gotten completely out of hand, I believe Chuck Roberson (also known as "Bad Chuck") was JW's stunt double in many of his later pictures. He was seen in many small roles in JW's pictures. His most prominent role (correct me if I'm wrong, folks) was in McLintock where he played the sheriff.
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    • Two come to mid right off: "Good Chuck" Hayward (so named for his outgoing and friendly personality), and "Bad Chuck" Roberson (due to his affection for the opposite sex, according to what Maureen O'Hara observed on the set of Rio Grande!).

      Roberson was in most of the John Wayne films of the late 40's through the 70's, and sometimes got a really juicy part. He even got to romance Yvonne DeCarlo in "McLintock." He was a member of the John Ford Stock Company along wityh the Duke and Ms. O'Hara.

      According to IMDB, Hayward had a horse that could fall on cue named "Twinkle Toes!"
    • shcrubery,

      We'd like to add our WELCOME to the John Wayne Message Board! You've come to the right place with your question about John Wayne.

      We have a real knowledgeable bunch here, as you can see, and if there any other doubles to be named, these are the folks that'll do it.

      Again . . . welcome!

      Chester :newyear: and the Mrs. :angel1:
    • Re: John Wayne's Stand In

      Others who doubled Duke:
      Ted White-Hatari
      Jim Burke-True Grit & The Shootist
      Jock Mahoney-various 40s Republic films
      Chuck Hayward-The Alamo(parts, along with Chuck Roberson), North To Alaska
      Fred Graham-40s Republics
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      Hi alamo221, thanks for your post
      Incidently,I have Welcomed you on our welcome thread.

      Some of Duke's more famous stand in's
      eg. Chuck and Yak are featured here:-

      Pals Of The Saddle- Cowboys

      and here:-

      Pals Of The Saddle- The Stuntmen
      Best Wishes
      London- England
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      You have totally shattered my illusions with this topic!!

      Just like Father Christmas is real, until now I believed JW did it all himself!

      Your just kidding right?
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