The Alamo (1960)

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  • Y'all are making me want to get out the copy of The Alamo I have , and watch it again. Can't remember for sure , but think I recorded it off a
    satellite dish , 10 foot, back before they started encrypting everything . But, it was recorded on VHS , and they always appeared grainy when played , or recorded onto DVD. Maybe I'll look around for the DVD , even if it's not Blu-ray , it's probably better than the copy I've got ! Time is a problem, too. It's a pretty long movie, isn't it? Hard to find time to watch it at a single sitting.

  • We're now in Day 4 of the Alamo Siege. I took my Saturday morning to re-watch Wayne's "The Alamo"

    Despite being a bit long winded and the historical discrepancies, I love this movie and wish I could visit Alamo Village.

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  • I bought a laser disc of the Alamo and had it copied to DVD.
    Now i have a 202 minute version of it.
    The Laser Disc sleeve has a big beautiful picture on it.

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  • I love this movie and tend to watch it over and over again! Even though I have a hard time watching Crockett's "ending" I really enjoy the fact he goes out with a bang. :)