What Are Your Favourite Non-Duke War Movies?

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  • Though it doesn't technically qualify as a war movie, in that it doesn't contain scenes of armed conflict, one of my favorite military movies from the Fifties is "Sayonara", starring Brando, Red Buttons and James Garner.

    It's probably my favorite Brando film, with the possible exception of "Godfather".

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  • Three more of my favorite non-Duke war movies are "Wake Island", "Sailor of the King" (called "Singlehanded" in the UK) and "Run Silent, Run Deep".

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  • "Battleground"

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    Classic War Movies- Battleground


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    Three more of my favorite non-Duke war movies are "Wake Island", "Sailor of the King" (called "Singlehanded" in the UK) and "Run Silent, Run Deep".

    Wake Island, and "Run Silent, Run Deep".

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  • Watch this space!!

    Wake Island (1942)
    Destination Tokyo (1943)
    Guadalcanal Diary (1943)
    The Bridges at Toko-Ri (1954)
    Go Tell the Spartans (1978)
    The Big Red One (1980)

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  • I saw these today at Sams Club, had never seen them before. It was called 20th Centry Fox Classics and there were two of them with four war movies in each one.

    The first one had,

    The Desert Rats
    Von Ryans Express
    Twelve O'Clock High
    The Young Lions

    The second had,

    The Blue Max
    The Desert Fox
    The Immortal Sergeant
    Sink the Bismarck

    Not a bad collection. I guess it's part of Fox's classic collections of which there are about 18 volumes of various movies. I didn't notice the price, but on Amazon they're about $20.

  • Hi Jim, you cant go wrong with these. The Desert Rats and the Desert Fox are related to each other and James Mason plays Fieldmarshal Erwin Rommel in both. In fact, I just rewatched both of them yesterday and this morning ;-)) The rest are all good movies and the "worst" of those eight IMO-are The Immortal Sergeant and The Young Lions-and those are still good movies.

    Might I suggest a few to you:

    Hannibal Brooks, The Command, Darby's Rangers and The Tanks Are Coming.

    In: The Desert Fox, they use quite a bit of real footage which blends in nicely--check out the footage of the Opening British Artillery Barrage on El Alamein.

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  • Yeah, Karl, I've seen all of those in both sets and have probably seen The Desert Fox, and Desert Rats a few times. I've seen The Immortal Sergeant a few times also and is one movie I've always liked. Out of all of them, I think The Blue Max is the only one I've seen once. Shoot, I remember going to see The Young Lions & Von Ryans Express at the theaters when they first came out. Seen Twelve O'clock High many times on tv and my favorite part is when Gregory Pecks character, Gen. Savage, first goes to take over the bomber group and raking everybody over the coals because they were too nonchalant about the way things are run.

  • That is like a top10 for me:

    Wake Island by John Farrow
    Gung Ho! by Ray Enright
    Where Eagles Dare by Brian G. Hutton
    A Bridge Too Far by Richard Attenborough
    Heartbrake Ridge by Clint Eastwood
    Hamburger Hill by John Irvin
    84C MoPic by Patrick Sheame Duncan
    Full Metal Jacket by Stanley Kubrick
    We Were Soldiers by Randall Wallace
    Missing in Action by Joseph Zito

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  • I don't really watch a lot of war movies. But there are a few that I watch and re- watch.
    La vache et le Prisonnier with Fernadel and La Grande Vadrouille with Louis de Funès & Bourvil because they are lovely memories of watching with my dad and laughing our heads off.
    Other films are:
    Der Untergang
    Het verdriet van Belgie
    Le Toubib
    and then the english spoken
    Operation Petticoat
    The Patriot
    Von Ryan's Express
    The Great Escape
    The Wild Geese
    The Sea Wolves
    Escape to Athena