Films You Watched Again and again Over the Years (10 times or more)

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  • True Grit ~ 10 X 10 or more and also North to Alaska ~ Both films making good use of "Hot Creek" near Mammoth Lakes, California.

    Uncle Buck and just about every other John Candy movie. Candy was far more than just a funny comic ~ he was also one helluva great actor. In '91 he and Maureen O'Hara were a perfect matchup in Only the Lonely. The acting 'chemistry' between those two reminded me a little of Wayne and O'Hara in Mclintock ~ only without the "big fight" scene. Nice "almost cameo" part for Anthony Quinn in that one too.

    Shane ~ Alan Ladd never looked "taller" than he really was in that movie. Jack Palance also never looked meaner or more manacing than he did in that movie too only then to later become a "pussycat villain" in City Slickers and Slickers-2 ~ both films of which I will immediately stop watching whatever else is on TV at the time. :)

    Casablanca ~ Excellent B&W film with memorable acting and memorable quotes ~ ".....You know, Rick, I have many a friend in Casablanca, but somehow, just because you despise me, you are the only one I trust."

    Open Range ~ Best damned (most realistic) cowboy gunfight ever filmed. Plus, I will watch everything Robert Duvall ("...the older the fiddle, the sweeter the music") (Lonesome Dove) plays in over and over and over again ~ not to mention that I am also hopelessly in love with Annette Bening :broken_heart:

    I know there's more ~ just can't think of 'em right now.

  • I'm going to have to watch a duke movie tonight because I have not watched him for awhile, anyway I have nothing else to watch, but I have acquired copies of Rio Bravo bluray and Hondo bluray and yes I have watched these many times.

  • For me personally ~ I would really enjoy reading the opinions of others on this thread as to 'why' anyone might want to take the time out of their otherwise busy lives to watch a certain movie over and over again. Is it because of the story, the acting, the actors, the dialogue, the scenery, the mystery, the comedy or a combination of everything in it that 'touches' each of us personally in some way or another?

    I hadn't listed this in my earlier post ~ but "On Golden Pond" is definitely a movie that I've watched at least as many times as John Wayne's "True Grit".I see myself as a combination of JW's character Rooster Cogburn and Henry Fonda's character of Norman Thayer Jr. ~ separated only by the passage of time. In real life I'm still as ornery and cantankerous as 'Rooster Cogburn' ~ but also still feisty, sensitive and now nearly as old as "Norman Thayer Jr."

    These two movies in particular have a personal 'meaning' for me which is why I will always continue to watch them over and over again until either the sun no longer rises in the East or sets in the West.

  • It can be alot of things that make people go back I think, that they truely love the movie, feel they relate to the characters or that it takes them back to a certain time or period in my life. Anything I rewatch often is like an old friend I can just unwind with and I think that's a big part of the Duke's lasting appeal. So many actors out there do a good film here or a bad film there but I think John Wayne on screen even in some of his less well received films just connects with the viewer and you know what your getting with him, they'll still be talking about the Duke 100 years after someone like George Clooney dies.

  • Don't sell George Clooney too "short" as an accomplished actor just yet Irish ~ He may be a liberal and still a contemporary actor but I wouldn't hold that against him. There is one film of his in particular that I personally like and can identify with called "Up In The Air". (I'd rather you'd not ask me to explain) ~ you'll just have to watch the film.

    "The Descendants" and "Oh Brother Where Art Thou" and even "Leatherheads" are three more reasons why I still enjoy watching this "liberal actor" over and over again. For me personally, I don't give a damn about an actor's politics so long as they don't use their talents to promote their own political agendas.

    "Lost In Translation" with Bill Murray is another "little film" that I have also watched well over 10 times. It reminds me of me and my first 'solo trip' to Tokyo for the Company I use to work for many, many ~ many decades ago. The brilliant dazzle even back then of the "Ginza" ~ the extreme politeness of the people ~ even the 'chimes' in the elevators and the "translation" of Japanese to English/American language which my own Japanese translator never quite managed to accurately convey what in the hell the people I was there to meet with were "really" saying ~ all made for one of the most memorable experiences of my life ~ except of course for the brief and delightful encounter as Bill Murray did with one so lovely as Scarlett Johansson.

    And here's another reason why I may not quite 'fit in' with some of the "ordinary" die-hard JWMD film buffs on here ~ Just a short time ago I finished watching yet another multi-repeat TV episode of "The Sopranos". Not because it was mostly filmed in the New Jersey town I was born and raised in or may have mildly been "acquainted with" some of the colorful "characters" depicted in the series, but also because I enjoy anticipating what the "unique musical endings" after each episode might be ~ and tonight's episode was especially rewarding ~ "My Rifle, My Pony & Me" sung by Dean Martin and Ricky Nelson straight out of John Wayne's classic film ~ "Rio Bravo" .

  • Clooney is a talented actor and has made good films I just wanted to use him as an example of someone I don't think will have the long lasting appeal that someone like Duke had. Thanks for sharing SP really interesting stuff. The Sopranos is something iv'e been meaning to get into for a long time but it's a big undertaking with so many episodes!

  • Duke may be the only actor to have the following he has, with the deep emotional attachments many of us have. I believe he is unique, No one else like him and I
    still don't understand it completely. I have a lot of respect for many actors, but none draw me back to their movies and lives like Duke does.
    I have read and own more of his books them any other actor doubled. Partly because there have been so many written and new books come out every year,analyzing
    everything about him. We keep reading and buying things hoping to find out something new about him.
    I've stopped at Winterset, would have been there this year but my wife isn't physically able to do that right now. We went to Newport Beach in 1994?, took a tour, saw Dukes last house and all of his previously owned yachts. I loved every minute of it.
    When I can I will visit some of the movie locations in Colorado and later maybe Arizona and California.
    We went to Ireland in 2007 for another reason, but we went to Cong, took the Quiet Man tour, saw the bridge and the train station. Partly just to have been where the Quiet man group was. Reliving many of those scenes where they shot them, on the tour.
    I just purchased a CD of the Quiet man music, we played it the night we received it and I put it in the car and have played most of it again.
    His body of work is so large and so good, with a lot of leading and help from John Ford and of course all the supporting actors,writers,extras etc. A big part of his draw is his patriotism. He went to Harvard? to receive an award that wasn't meant to be an honor. He made fans or at least won the respect of many of the students that day. Many other actors have given him great respect, he really was a real, true, and likeable guy. A little bigger then life.
    My wife has had a physical struggle the last several years, we are Christians and trust in God. So I don't need anyone else to worship. Reading the JWMb has been a welcome diversion.I just respect men who standout in this life and positively influence others,even with all of their flaws.
    This probably needs to posted somewhere else,but it seems like this is a topic we all think about once in awhile.

    "A people that values their Privileges above it's Principles. Soon looses both." Dwight Eisenhower

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