THREE BAD MEN: John Ford, John Wayne, Ward Bond

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  • Welcome aboard, Scott. You have us intrigued with this new book. Thanks ever so much for offering this group a discount on it. I am sure it will be a great read.


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  • Hi Scott, Wonder if you could give us your idea of a "character actor". I know what is is supposed to be, but how do you consider Ward Bond's role in The Searchers, where he was quite prominent and obviously the "boss" of all including Ethan Edwards, as a character actor and not a "co-star". What is the difference? Is it due to agents and contracts........did Ward not care what he was billed as? Just curious. Thanks MH, KEITH

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  • In Hollywood, a "character actor" has always been a solid actor who can play a wide variety of supporting roles, and ones who could make it look effortless have often been taken for granted. Ward was often taken for granted, but he was one of the finest ACTORS period. A character actor can also be a "co-star." THE SEARCHERS is a good example of this, with Ward being so prominent.

  • Thanks for asking about postage to the UK. I think around $12 with the new 1st class international rates. That's just a good guess, as the book isn't out yet, and I don't know the exact weight. All the best--Scott

  • Howdy Scott, and welcome to the JWMB! We're glad to have you here with us, and for sure we're all looking forward to reading Three Bad Men!

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  • Thanks for asking about postage to the UK. I think around $12 with the new 1st class international rates. That's just a good guess, as the book isn't out yet, and I don't know the exact weight. All the best--Scott

    OK Scott, so for those sending you the money for the discount and the inscription and autograph, the total to the UK would be another 6.50 or
    $57 check and $59 Paypal? We have a lot of UK members. In fact, we have folks in France, Ireland, LOL, lots of places over the big water.

    Very much LOVE seeing Ward Bond Actor rather than well known character actor Ward Bond. NICE. KEITH

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  • Yes, I'm hoping $12 will cover overseas shipping! They keep raising the rates! Thanks--I'm glad to hear about European readers, as many of my other books have been popular in the UK and Europe!

  • Well, lost another post, so here we go again. I just bought two of Scott Nollen's other books, (he has written 18). They are on two people I knew, Frank Sinatra and his great friend Jilly, who was quite the character. I have read an excerpt for Jilly, and it sounds JUST like him. It covers a great many of his celebrity friends...other people I also knew and has previously unpublished private pictures. Only about 5 of these Jilly books left. It also covers his fiery death caused by a drunk driver....unbelievably he was driving into the Country Club where I used to be pro,and the other driver lived on the 18th hole of the course there, (very glad it wasn't one of my old members). The Sinatra one is all about his films and what was going on in his life when they were made and also has unpublished pictures. Can't wait for my specially inscribed and signed copies. KEITH

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  • Forgot to mention, I have ordered my Three Bad Men book also. Just found out that Amazon ordered a huge quantity of the book and can now sell it cheaper than Scott can buy it from his publisher. So, it can be bought there, but it won't have the personal inscription that you chose or the autograph. Also, Scott makes absolutely no money from that sort of thing. After years of research, collecting unpublished pictures and the like......he gets absolutely nothing....seems criminal to me, but publishing books has changed a great deal these days due to companies such as Amazon. For those of you who looked when we first posted all of this.....Amazon was selling the book for about $49, and Scott gave us, and only us, a that Amazon has bought that huge shipment, the price is way down. A good many of us are still buying the book from him as, not only is it the fair thing to do, but........LOL, we want our personal inscriptions and autographs. Since this is the first book that gives Ward Bond what has been long overdue, plus really ties him in with Duke and Pappy as was the real case, I imagine it will be a great seller.
    As I said, Some of us have chosen to pay the extra $9 or so for the inscription. Hope the rest of you do also. Scott is still waiting to answer any questions you may have about the book as well as any of the other books he has written.

    If the "topic" rule will allow, he can put the titles of his other books on here for you to see. There are two on Karloff which should interest quite a few out there, LOL, plus one, I think on Paul Robeson, Jethro Tull, Louis Armstrong.....lots more. KEITH

    God, she reminds me of me! DUKE

  • Thanks Scott (and Keith) for the info on this book. It looks like a very interesting read, and it will be on my short list to pick up. I just don't have the time to read much these days, as I'm spending allot of time on the road. It's a shame it's not available on, as I have listened to many books while heading down the road.

    Cheers, Scott, and welcome aboard.

  • Thanks, Kevin! I hope you find time to read the book! As Keith said, I will be more than happy to inscribe and sign a copy of the book for anyone who chooses to buy the book directly from me. You can even suggest an inscription, which I will use.

  • Pleased to meet you. Scott. I'll be contacting you directly for a copy. Quite an inspiration combining all three men in one history. Can't wait to read it.

    We deal in lead, friend.

  • Scott, Gorch, (Bill), is one of the very special people on JWMB. If he doesn't ask for a certain inscription, please be sure to give him a super one, as he is a super guy! KEITH

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  • Now this is what I like to hear (read)! EVERYONE will get a special inscription--it's the way I operate. None of this scribbling of an illegible "signature." My readers all get at least a half-page inscription and large, fully legible signature. It's the least an author can do for his readers, particularly those who appreciate the subject so much!

  • Just to let all know about the quality of Scott Nollen's books, his writing style, and his shipping time.

    I ordered The Cinema of Sinatra and Jilly, Sinatra's Right Hand Man. As I knew them both personally, I couldn't wait to see how Scott portrayed them.
    I have just briefly scanned the Sinatra book........if is just filled with info about his films and what was going on in his life at the time of them, including his music. There were times he was filming a movie in Miami during the day and performing at the Fountainbleau Hotel at night, (I lived in Miami 13 years and his details from that area are right on). Also cheated and went to the years I was in The Springs. Unbelievable detail. And Scott paints his subjects as they were. None of Pappy's print the legend, not the fact!

    I am halfway through Jilly, and it is fantastic. I can just HEAR Jilly talking. There are quite a few other folks in there I knew also. And details that HAD to be gotten from insiders. Hard to put it down long enough to write this.

    The books are made well.......I even stretched the Sinatra paperback a bit to see how it held up......perfect. If you are a fan of Sinatra's films and music, this is a must.

    Don't think the Jilly one will be available very long.....only a few copies left of it. Jilly helped start so many careers......he was a big man on his own when he and Frank met. And, at the end, they were best friends.

    The inscriptions were SUPER. THANKS SO MUCH, SCOTT! Don't know HOW I am going to be able to wait for April For Three Bad Men....guess I don't have a choice, LOL!

    OH, if anyone has trouble finding this thread, it is under
    JW HIS COMPREHENSIVE BODY OF WORK You can't just type in Three Bad Men. KEITH

    God, she reminds me of me! DUKE

  • Thank you so much, Keith. It is very gratifying to have a reader who actually knew the people I have written about. I appreciate all your kind words. I'm glad you mentioned "detail," because that SHOULD be my middle name. I try to leave no stone unturned when I research a project. I was educated as a research historian, as well as a filmmaker, so I've been able to combine these areas in my writing work. I hope I've been able to infuse the same level of detail into THREE BAD MEN, as it covers the lives of Pappy, Duke and The Judge very thoroughly, along with a complete history of all of their films, together and separately, and a focus on their amazing and complicated relationships. Thanks again, and I look forward to getting the final proofs for THREE BAD MEN any day now. After I go through them with a fine-tooth comb, the book will be available soon after! Gotta go--burnin' daylight! All the best--Scott

  • Here are the inscriptions Scott Nollen put in my books. The first is Sinatra's Films. For those of you who don't know, Ring a Ding Ding was a Rat pack thing. The "Your Hero" is because of our shared appreciation of Ward Bond.

    And this is the one for the Jilly book. If anyone wants this, better hurry. Only about 4 left. Only book about Jilly and it is very personal with lots about Frank and many other celebs. Couple of things in this are related to the way that Jilly talked. I can't WAIT for Three Bad Men! KEITH

    God, she reminds me of me! DUKE

  • Welcome EK, and from what I have heard and seen about this book, it will be the most complete and thorough compiliation of the Triumverate of Ford, Wayne,and Bond. Ward will finally be given his due,and each and every film by any of the three is discussed. It IS truly an Epic! KEITH Print the Fact, not the Legend!

    Thank you Keith and Scott
    for your informative updates.

    This thread because of you inputs,
    has become the most discussed one
    about any book!!

    God, she reminds me of me! DUKE