Maureen O'Hara Book- 'Tis Herself'

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  • Great movies without Ford post 1939 I would say 4- 6 titles stand out. That said, he made a lot of entertaining movies post 1939 which is why John Wayne still has such a great following with fans compared to other actors who were much better skilled actors than Wayne but who since their demise have largely become forgotten except to movie buffs.

  • Interesting on re-reading "Tis Herself" that Maureen missed out on Friendly Persuasion because of Ford and The King & I because Rodgers & Hammerstein didn't want her. Would have been two interesting roles to see her in those movies.

  • :excl:

    Maureen's book should not be restricted only to English readers. I thought that a translation, even approximate, might help readers in French ...
    The number of readers of this excellent book will be more important and our heroine becomes better known.
    (Of course, if this is a problem, I will remove the link immediately)
    Happy reading.

    'Tis Herself en French

    PS. I forgot, all the spelling errors were not corrected .....

    Unconditional's Maureen O'Hara !
    French-English translation: poor !!!

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