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    Hi all,

    It's been a wee while since I've done any lurking,
    but if its good enough for my good friend Keith,
    then its good enough for this Irishman. Hope all
    you other lurkers are keeping well.

    Thanks Robbie for bringing this up and allowing
    us to pop out of the woodwork.:wink_smile:

    Hi all,

    As you know I got to watch "THE SEARCHERS"
    on the big screen a few weeks. They showed it in
    the original VistaVision, a format that went for height
    instead of width on screen. I noticed a couple of things
    while watching it then, so I watched it again last night
    to see if I had somehow missed them on DVD but I'm
    glad to say that they are not seen. The first is when
    Jeffery Hunter and Ken Curtis are in the kitchen and
    about to fight over Vera Miles. As they are talking, you
    can clearly see above them the boom microphone, that
    in itself is nothing, you see that in a lot of movies. But
    the second was a little funnier. When Henry Brandon as
    Scar comes out of his tepee and throws a stone at a dog
    to stop it barking, behind him you can see the set is on a
    soundstage and above the blue painted wall you can see
    three or four big stage lights, they remain in view for the
    whole scene as Brandon turns from the camera and walks
    away. It didn't spoil the movie but I wonder why John Ford
    let that one go.

    Hi all,

    I've not been around for a wee while,
    so please let me just say to my good
    friends Carl and Jay,


    Time does fly when you are enjoying yourself.:thumbs_up: :wink_smile:

    Hi all,

    Well I went and watched Duke in "The Searchers"
    on Friday night, I went with my wife, daughter,and
    2 of our sons, and I have to say that it was an
    unforgetable experience. They had an original
    Vista Vision print which made it even more enjoyable,
    and to hear people laugh at all the right places in the
    movie was really something. I missed out on
    "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon" tonight, but I'm going to
    see "Fort Apache" tomorrow night, The Shootist" on
    Tuesday, night and "stagecoach" on Thursday night.
    I wish you all could be there.

    Hi all,

    Mike you are right the QFT are showing the
    movies as part of "THE Belfast Festival at Queens".
    It runs from 27th October, The Searchers will be
    shown first.

    Carl I wish you could be here to enjoy these movies.
    Chester, We could manage more than a bed by the fire.

    Keith, I'm sorry I don't come around as much as I would like to,
    I'm up to my eyes at work, but when I find a wee bit of time
    to myself this is the place I head for first, even if it's just to
    read all the wonderful posts

    Hi all,

    Next month a cinema here in Belfast
    will be screening 5 John Wayne westerns.
    One a night for 5 nights. They are,
    The Searchers, She Wore a Yellow Ribbin,
    Fort Apache, The Shootist, and Stagecoach.
    5 classic movies and all on the big screen.
    I know were I'll be on those nights.