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    Originally posted by ejgreen77@Jun 24 2006, 09:00 PM

    The film you are thinking of is Winchester '73…0357?s=dvd&v=glance&n=130 (1950). Its available on DVD from Universal. This DVD also contains an audio commentary by James Stewart himself (the only audio commentary he ever did for one of his films). In my opinion, Stewart's commentary is worth the price of the DVD alone.


    ej, you are one hell of a hand. I appreciate the info and will be buying the movie soon. As much as I dig the Duke, I like Jimmy as well. Actually, not to sound too much like a mush, he has this great poem in a book and on audio about his dog named Beau. Simplistic and almost perfect to a guy like me.

    True that Dukefan1. He made some great westerns in his own right. I'm trying to track down a DVD copy of a Jimmy Stewart movie called "Winchester???" fill in the date. Great flick from when I was younger. I dont know if its out, but I'm on the prowl.

    I need a little help here. I was eye-ballin a dvd I found titled "Harts of the West". Does anyone here know anything about it, or if it is a decent buy? I'm always looking to expand the old library, but I hate to purchase and never watch it again. Thanks for the help.

    I dont know if "Last of the Dogmen" is considered western, but it comes close enough for me. Other than that, I've been enjoying some Bonanza reruns. I have my little three year old riding that imaginary pony around the house everytime she hears the theme.

    You seem like one hell of a guy to meet Chilibill. Hopefully I can stop by the ranch one of these days.

    kilo 6,
    Some of what I wrote was based on a lot of reading I did and the quotes therein. However, I am using a little of my own opinion that is formed by being married to a Mexican woman who most diffinitely wants a man's man. The quotes I refer to mostly reference the traditional warmth and values Duke liked and increasingly found harder to find in the Hollywood world he lived in.
    On a seperate note, I like this site. Say it like you mean it. Good people.

    Had a few days off with the kid and took her to see "Cars" Great movie for everyone. Had to see X-men 3 and it was worth it. Trailer for Ghost Rider looked terrific. And even though its a western and off the topic a bit, its worth noting that "The Sacketts" finally made it to DVD and I couldnt help myself.


    Originally posted by nooblet@May 24 2006, 04:15 PM
    Can anyone tell me how the Spanish Culture have had influence on John Wayne's life?
    Excluding his wifes.


    I will attempt to give you my opinion to this if I'm understanding the question right. I would say one of the most enduring of Duke's traits was his ability to bring about his points without having to say alot. When I visit my in-laws (Mexican wife) one of the fascinating things I have noticed is although the women never seem to have too many lulls in the conversations, for the most part the men talk seldom and are sometimes extremely stoic. Upon conversing with most of the men, not only are they brief in what they have to say, but sometimes very simplistic. This isn't to imply that they are simple minded, but that they make their point without adding a bunch of unneccesary conversation. I think we can all recognize that in the Duke. Another trait was Duke's machismo. I think a lot of times macho is associated with brash and foolish when it could equally be associated with self assurance. The Latino culture clearly distinguishes the roles between men and women from an early age. Their upbringing is very traditional compared to the way we in America have evolved over the last 40 years or so. The boys are brought up to be men and are expected to act that way, (not unlike what I witnessed while in Iraq) and the women are brought up more in a supporting role for the male. I know most of this is considered backwards these days, but Duke married three latina women for this very reason. I wouldn't ,however, want anyone reading this to make the mistake that ANY latina women in any capacity is demure or without spirit. As you can see, I dont have the stoic trait and I've probably gone on too long.