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  • Hi

    I thought this might be informative.

    Please feel free to join in with your own comments or imput. I will try to find an event either a release date connected with the Duke, a birthday or death of co workers, for each day.

    On This Day (13th February)

    97 years ago Patrick Barr was born. he played Group Captain Stagg in The Longest Day 1963)

    90 years ago Lyle Bettger was born he played Kirchner in the Sea Chase

    77 years ago Four Sons was released
    Directed by John Ford
    Starring Margaret Mann, Jane Hall, Charles Morton, Ralph Bushman Jack Pennick and featuring John Wayne

    35 years ago Hatari (pt II) was shown on ABC TV for the frst time.



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  • Hi

    On This Day:

    111 years ago Jack Benny was born. He appeared briefly in Without Reservations as an autograph hunter.

    103 years ago Ray Crash Corrigan was born

    100 years ago Thelma Ritter was born. She played Aggie Clegg in the 1963 picture How The West Was Won.

    44 years ago Wallis Clark died aged 62 he was Sgt McGlashin in The First Rebel



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  • Hi viper

    Glad your enjoying it. I will try to make it informative and enjoyable.

    On This Day* (15th February)

    76 years ago John Wayne's parents divorce was finalised

    71 years ago West of the Divide was released in the United States

    69 years ago The Lawless Nineties was released in the United States

    66 years ago Stagecoach * was released in the United States

    *(for his part in the picture Duke was paid $600 per week)
    (The film had a net profit of $297,639 and was nominated for seven Academy Awards i.e. Best Picture, Best Film Edit, Best Diretor, Best Cinematography Best Art Director.
    It won the Academy Award for Best Music - Richard Hageman. W Franke Harling, John Leipold, Leo Shuken, Louis Gruenberg
    Best Actor in a Supporting Role Thomas Mitchell

    58 years ago Angel and the Badman was released in the United States.

    40 years ago The Greatest Story Ever Told was released in the United States
    (The film grossed $14,800,000 and $6,930,000 rentals throughout North America)

    15 years ago The Actor Henry Brandon died. He appeared in three John Wayne pictures - A Bald Knobber- Shepherd of the Hills a Kurinua - The Wake of the Red Witch and his most notable role - Chief Scar - The Searchers

    4 years ago The director Burt Kennedy died.
    He was the director of The War Wagon and The Train Robbers

    * Facts obtained from various books,magazines, my personal records and IMDB

    More Later



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  • Quote

    15 years ago The Actor Henry Brandon died. He appeared in three John Wayne pictures - A Bald Knobber- Shepherd of the Hills a Kurinua - The Wake of the Red Witch and his most notable role - Chief Scar - The Searchers

    Was he of Indian descent? Or was he like others back then who were made to look like a indian? I liked him in The Searchers.

    Life is hard, its even harder when your stupid!!
    -John Wayne

  • Hi Viper

    Believe it or believe it not he was German. His name was Heinrich von Kleinbach and he was born on June 18th 1912 in Berlin Germany
    He arrived in the United States while an infant and made his screen debut in the Laurel and Hardy picture Babes in Toyland He studied at the Passadena Playhouse and also figured prominently on the New York Theatre Circuit.



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  • Hi All

    On This Day (16th February)

    110 years ago Vernon Dent was born he played Hefty in the 1932 picture Texas Cyclone

    34 years ago The actor Bert Roach died aged 80, He appeared in an un-credited role in the 1931 picture Three Girls Lost

    26 years ago Louise Allbritton died aged 59. She was Shannon Prentiss in the 1942 picture Pittsburgh

    19 years ago Howard DaSilva died. A controversial actor, he was blacklisted in the HUAC hearings, he played Angel in the 1942 picture Re-Union in France.

    5 years ago Marceline Day died. She appeared as Alice Ellis in the 1933 western The Telegraph Trail

    A bad day for Dukes Co-Workers



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  • Hi

    On This Day (17th February)

    105 years ago Ruth Clifford was born. She played A Mad Woman in The Searchers (1956)

    86 years ago Kathleen Freeman was born. A large woman with a booming voice she was the elecution teacher in Singing in the Rain and also played Lena Nordquist in North to Alaska and was A Woman at the Fort in the 1950 picture Rio Grande

    perhaps William can remember her although it was fifty-five years ago and I don't think she was that famous then.



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  • Arthur; I do remember her and she did have a very large voice, but I did not remember her name after all these years. Most of the Cast and Crew were at least 10 years older than most of the Extras.

    In those days when they were doing a John Ford film like "Rio Grande" there was a Class System on location. The Director like Ford and Stars like Duke , Maureen and Victor were in one Group, the supporting actors were in the next Group, and then us lowly extras and the rest of the crew were at the bottom of the Bucket. :uhuh:

    We did mix with just about everyone when filming, but just the main Actors mixed with Ford, and the rest of us tried to stay as far away from Ford as we could. He was a Great Director but not a very nice man to be around!!! :angry: Chilibill :cowboy:

  • Kathleen Freeman was a character actress who, once you saw her in anything, was instantly recognizable in anything else, even if her appearances were short.
    I believe she passed away just a year or two ago.

    Cheers - Jay :)

    Cheers - Jay:beer:
    "Not hardly!!!"

  • :cowboy: Hi Arthur, great statistics. One small item I can contribute so far is, Character Actor Vernon Dent made many many Short Subjects with The Three Stooges.

    Es Ist Verboten Mit Gefangenen In Einzelhaft Zu Sprechen..

  • Hi Viper Ringo, William Jay and Mrs Chester

    Thanks for that all contributions welcome

    On this day (18th February)

    115 years ago the actor Edward Arnold was born. He featured in The Life of Jimmy Dolan 1933

    42 years ago the actor Monte Blue died of a heart attack aged 73 he appeared as Bert Hammond in Born to the West and an officer at tea in Reap the Wild Wind (1942)

    114 years ago the actor Chester Clute was born. He playedMontrose in The Spoilers

    28 years ago Andy Devine died aged 71 never to be forgotton in Stagecoach and The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance and a brief walk on scene in The American West of John Ford

    122 years ago the actress Brenda Fowler was born she played Mrs Gatewood in stagecoach

    28 years ago the actor Ralph Graves died he played Bert Ward in Three Texas Steers



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  • Artherq

    This is all very informative, thanks for taking to time to do so.


    Henry Brandon was white but I believe the reason why he was cast as an Indian was to show the viewer that colour is only skin deep.



  • Arthur;
    Andy Devine was a Very Good Man and a "Very Close Friend of the Duke" and pretty much Type Casted because of his High Voice that he had injured when he was a Boy in Kingman, Arizona. They have Named the main road in Kingman after him. You pass under it on your way to California from Arizona. I still love to watch him in "Stagecoach" and "The man that Shot Liberty Valance." Bill

  • Arthur and Chilibill,

    Andy Devine has always been one of my favorite actors. Currently, we have a dozen of the old Roy Rogers westerns on DVD, where Andy is cast as Roy's sidekick Cookie Bullfincher. He rates right up there with Gabby Hayes for me :D . As a child, back in 1955, he used to have a TV show called Andy's Gang, which I enjoyed watching. Here's a comment from an IMDb poster, as to the show's content -

    I was 7 at the time, and I loved it too! :wub:

    Chester :newyear:

  • Hi William and Chester

    This is one of the drawbacks of living over the pond as we never got to see those sort of shows on British Television, but I agree with you about Andy Devine.

    I think these stories are right

    During the making of the Man Who Shot Liberty Valance Andy Devine wanted to watch an important sporting fixture either football or baseball and he took time off to watch the game. Ford caught him and asked him what he was doing to which Andy took out his script and said I'm just going over my lines. As he returned Devine turned to John Wayne and said "he's not putting me in the barrel", which apparently was Ford's method of humiliating his actors at the time by making them stand in a barrel.

    During the making of Stagecoach as a young greenhorn, Ford asked John Wayne his opinion of Devine's handling of a stagecoach team. Wayne meant to say that in a studio with a set of reins it didn't look realistic, but merely said that he considered Devines driving to be 'Wooden'. Ford gathered the entire cast and told them that Wayne didn't think much of Devine's acting ability.



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  • Hi

    On this Day (19th February)

    26 Years ago the director Leigh Jason died aged 75 He directed Lady For A Night

    36 years ago Duke appeared as a guest on the Glenn Campbell Show does anyone remember it? :D :lol:

    39 years ago James Earl Grant died aged 64. One of John Wayne's favourite writers, not only did he contribute greatly to the screenplay of The Alamo but he also directed The Angel and the Badman

    43 years ago the actor and comedian James Barton died from a heart attack aged 72. He played an old man in The Shepherd of the Hills

    97 years ago The actress Susan Fleming was born. She played Dot in Men Are Like That and Judy Walton in Range Feud ( both 1931). As an actress her career was brief after marrying Harpo Marx she retired from filming

    104 years ago the actor Hugo Haas was born A Czechoslovakian born actor and director of stage and screen, he played Marco Poli in Dakota (1945) and General Paul deMarchand in the 1949 The Fighting Kentuckian

    112 years ago The actor Sir Cedric Hardwicke was born. Knighted for his services to acting in 1934 He played the role of Frederick Alexander
    in Tycoon (1947). he was one of two British knights to play opposite John Wayne in pictures, the other one being Sir Richard, later Lord Richard Attenbourgh A third British knight Sir Sean Connery although appearing in the same filmThe Longest Day did not share a scene with Wayne. and wasn't knighted until long after the film had been released.



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  • Arthur,
    Thanks for this, these are a lot of fun. I will look forward to them each day. In fact, I am sort of collecting them in a spreadsheet. I will try to add to them also as this is great fun!
    duker777 (Chris)

    -duker777- (Chris)

    "I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted, and I won't be laid a hand on. I don't do these things to other people, and I require the same from them."
    --John Wayne as John Bernard Books "THE SHOOTIST" (1976)--

  • Hello friends,
    Here's a few to add to Arthur's "On this day" topic.

    Television appearances:

    Feb. 19, 1969 - John Wayne appeared on the "Glen Campbell Show".
    Feb. 19, 1976 - John Wayne appeared on the "People's Choice Awards".

    Here's an interesting one that makes me want to watch "Sands of Iwo Jima" tonight, in fact, I think I will. :D

    Feb. 19, 1945 - Marines invade Iwo Jima.

    -duker777- (Chris)

    "I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted, and I won't be laid a hand on. I don't do these things to other people, and I require the same from them."
    --John Wayne as John Bernard Books "THE SHOOTIST" (1976)--