What Was The Last Western You Watched?

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  • The Train Robbers. This is a middle of the pack Duke film for me, but I do get the urge to view this once in while. Plus...it's got Ann Margaret in it! :photo:


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  • Two episodes from my favorite TV series:
    'The Wild Wild West'
    -Robert Conrad, Ross Martin
    1)'The Night Of The Eccentrics'
    Plot: West and Gordon investigate a league of assassins called The Eccentrics , who are plotting to kill Mexico's president.
    Phantoms Review: First episode of the second season and the first to air in color, and they made good use of it. Bright colorful sets , costumes and villains. Character actor Victor Buono is the group's mysterious leader Count Manzeppi , and he seems to be having a blast playing him.
    Entertaining story and adventure make this one of the shows best episodes.
    2)'The Night Of The Golden Cobra'
    Plot: West is brought to an Indian sultan, now living in a palace in the Midwest, and is forced to train his sons in the art of combat.
    Phantoms Review: Despite , the great Boris Karloff as the guest star, this is only a mediocre episode. Some good fights, but the story is only ok.
    Not great, but still fun to watch.

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  • The Mask Of Zorro starring Anthony Hopkins, Antonio Banderas and the delectable Catherine Zeta Jones first saw her in The Darling Buds Of May and she was great in that as well.