What Was The Last Western You Watched?

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  • "Outlaw Josie Wales" - What I liked about this was its epic quality; many individual vignettes added up to a film greater than the sum of its parts! One of the top 10 westerns.

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  • The Director's cut of Duke's The Alamo. I always find something new when I watch this. This time, I noticed one of "Bowie's men"-Big John Hamilton filling in as one of the Tenneseans partying in the Cantina upon their arrival. He can be seen behind Chill Wills (just over Chill's right shoulder) during the feather contest.

  • Just watched McLintock haven't watched this movie in like a year and i always forget how much fun it is :)

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  • With the wind chill below zero and the yard looking like a set from "Ice Station Zebra", I just finished watching "The Professionals", another Mexican desert set film. It warmed me just to watch those four magnificent actors mesh together in the title roles (Claudia Cardinale didn't hurt either).
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  • The Alamo. Ask I type this. With all it's flaws. I still never get tired of this film. From the first time in 1960 as a impressionable young lad. To a gray hair old man.

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  • the bold frontiersman with allan rocky lane
    carson city raiders with allan rocky lane
    marshal of amarillo with allan rocky lane

    all three westerns are above averge b westerns

  • The Iron Sheriff. 1957 Streling Hayden.
    A murder mystery. A sheriff looks for the real killer to clear his son.
    Some plot holes, but not a waste of time.

    ''baby sister i was born game and intend to go out that way.''