Rio Lobo (1970)

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  • Paramount Home Entertainment will release Big Jake and Rio Lobo on Blu-ray on May 31. Other westerns Paramount is releasing on Blu-ray that day are A Man Called Horse and Once Upon a Time in the West.

    No additional information about Big Jake and Rio Lobo but hopefully we'll get specs and cover art soon. :)

  • I actually liked this movie quite a bit. It's not up there with the greatest in the genre, of course. In fact it doesn't come close, but damn it, I was entertained! The supporting cast was its biggest flaw, I think. The script could have had some additional work done as well.

    It had some funny scenes and as so many others have mentioned, Jack Elam was the second best thing about the movie.


  • Rio Lobo is a movie I watched in several languages, whole on vacation in Spanish and French and on television in German. A very enjoyable movie, with a lot of flaws but still very entertaining.
    Strange that Chisum and Big Jake did a lot better at the box office and Rio Lobo wasn't that successfull.

    I don't know if this is the right place on this forum, but I am still looking for the Original Rio Lobo Pressbook.
    If someone has a spare US Pressbook to trade I would be very interested. It doesn't have to be 100 % complete.
    I have some other Original US Pressbooks from the '70s to trade, from Big Jake, Brannigan, McQ, The Cowboys and The Train Robbers

  • Watching Rio Lobo this evening; I noticed this shot while Duke is in the Blackthorn Sheriff's office. If you look over his shoulder at the wanted posters you can see that there is a 1000 dollar reward for Hondo Lane, dead or alive. The rendering of Lane looks a bit like a younger John Wayne too; nice little Easter egg. I didn't see this posted elsewhere so I thought I would add it to the Rio Lobo thread here.