The Star Packer (1934)

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    • Re: The Star Packer (1934)

      The version I saw on Encore Westerns had NEW synthesized music added in the action scenes where the original film did not have music. Someone must have thought those scenes needed music. It was very obvious this music was a later addition, not only because it was a synthesizer but because the sound of the recording was very different. Stood out like a sore thumb, actually. Really awful, cheesy, generic music. Bleh!
    • Re: What Was The Last Western You Watched?

      Star Packer with Yakima as Wayne's Indian sidekick and Gabby Hayes as the villian I like his poverty row westerns I really like black and white movies, I'm glad that John and Yak worked hard on perfecting the fist fights because in his early movies you have to laugh at the brawls.

      Saddle up were burnin daylight.