Last Non Western You Watched

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  • "The Glenn Miller Story", Jimmy Stewart. I read a couple of years ago, Jimmy made $5 million off of this movie in 1953. Good movie, June Allyson plays his wife.

    "A people that values their Privileges above it's Principles. Soon looses both." Dwight Eisenhower

  • Watched the Winds of War....about my third time. But this time, I actually began to realize more what the times were like then. My Grandpa fought as an Army Captain in that one. Stellar cast. An older Peter Graves, for the first time REALLY reminded me of his brother James Arness...........very similar facial attributes, and even his voice sounded more like them both.

    And Marty. I believe that was the first role Ernie had played a Non Heavy.....not sure...........he had to read for the part. As Spencer Tracy told are a STAR, you don't have to read for parts. But this was a highly different role for Ernie. He got the part AND the Oscar for which Spencer was nominated also! Ernie died a few years ago. He was best friends with my friend, the comedian Marty Allen who just celebrated his 92 birthday...........keep on going Marty.....yep, he is still entertaining. Heh, if you didn't get residuals, as neither he nor his sometimes partner Steve Rossi didn' Marty says.........."You just work until you die"! I think Marty's work is what keeps him alive! KEITH

    God, she reminds me of me! DUKE

  • This is supposed to be a real bomb of Duke's. I liked it, LOL. I put that on here once, and I think it was Mark who said, "Surely you are kidding, Keith". Not sure if I got back to answer, but........Nope, wasn't kidding. I actually enjoyed the movie. But then, I liked The Conqueror also, so what the heck do I know!! I DIDN'T like his early Z westerns though...........except for Angel and the Badman......still like that one. KEITH,,,,,,,,,,,,,yep, really the Old Lady......turned 64 in April. ONE MORE YEAR for Medicare..........hope it is still there!

    God, she reminds me of me! DUKE

  • [quote='Big Jake Jr.','']Oops! Sorry. Leprechaun 2 3 and 4

    Ok, thanks.

    "A people that values their Privileges above it's Principles. Soon looses both." Dwight Eisenhower

  • The Majestic-Jim Carrey, Martin Landau-great, old fashioned movie. I'm not a Carrey fan, but thought he was fine in this.

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  • 61*- A baseball movie about the 1961 Yankee season when Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle were trying to break Babe Ruth's 60 Hr/season record.
    Good movie, a lot of time is spent on the pressures of the game at that level. Some people were really mad that Maris might break the record instead of Mantle,they boo'd and yelled at Maris.

    "A people that values their Privileges above it's Principles. Soon looses both." Dwight Eisenhower

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  • Not exactly movies.Two documentaries about LRRP units in Vietnam.Many veterans talk about the training (Recondo School) the missions and the bad situations they were came up against.From History Channel.Very informative and educational.

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