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  • Stomached: Herbie Goes To Monte Carlo. All I cna say is--BLAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dont waste your time on it. Tomorrow is the 4th movie: Herbie Goes Bananas--and it does NOT----sound worthy but--ill watch it anyway as I NEED another ulcer :-((

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  • Every time I watch one of the older movies that had such great stars and such good acting, I'm struck by how lousy most modern films are.

    For instance, I watched a movie this evening that I haven't seen for at least 50 years, or even more, and the ending of the film brought me to tears. It was a wonderful movie with the great Claudette Colbert. It's been a long, long time since ANY film brought tears to my eyes but this one did and I'd bet money that anyone watching it who has any feelings at all would also break down at the ending. The film is "Three Came Home" and it's a true story about several husbands, wives and children who were captured by the Japanese at the beginning of WW2. They spent more than four years in terrible prison camps in the westerm Pacific near Borneo. Colbert and her small son were separated from their husband/father and at the end of the movie, when the camps were liberated by the allies, Colbert and her son were reunited with the husband/father right at the very end of the movie. Very emotional ending. I highly recommend this film to anyone who likes good acting and good stories. You won't be disappointed.

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  • If I remember this one correctly, ***Spoiler Alert*** Veronica Lake plays a nurse that kills 3 Japs (and herself) by seducing them, and detonating a grenade...

    Is this the one, Stumpy? Because, if so, I agree with EVERYTHING you wrote!

    No, Veronica Lake wasn't in this film. It featured Claudette Colbert, Patric Knowles, Florence Desmond and Sessue Hayakawa. Even Hayakawa had a sympathetic part. He played the Japanese colonel who was in charge of all the prison camps. He was the only Japanese soldier who treated the captives decently. Near the end he calls Colbert into his office and relates how his entire family was in Hiroshima when the Americans dropped the A-bomb on it. You end up even feeling sorry for him.

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  • If I remember this one correctly, ***Spoiler Alert*** Veronica Lake plays a nurse that kills 3 Japs (and herself) by seducing them, and detonating a grenade...

    Is this the one, Stumpy? Because, if so, I agree with EVERYTHING you wrote!

    Did a bit of research on IMDB and this must be the one to which you were referring.

    I've seen it too many years ago and it was a pretty good movie but I don't think it affected me so emotionally as this one did.

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  • Thanks for the info, Stumpy!

    You're right. "So Proudly We Hail" is the one I was thinking of, but I've seen the one you described as well.

    What confused me was the fact CC was in both of them!

    Inasmuch as your post brought back memories of "So Proudly We Hail", I decided to order that DVD from Amazon this morning. Like I said, those older films are so much better than the stuff Hollywood produces nowadays.

    Claudette Colbert made several movies back in the 30s and 40s that I really liked.

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  • Another older movie I recently got from Amazon, and which I haven't watched yet, is "Down to the Sea in Ships" with Richard Widmark and Dean Stockwell. I vaguely remember seeing the film sometime back in the late Forties or early Fifties. It's been so long I can't remember the exact storyline but I do remember I really liked the movie.

    When I was a kid, Dean Stockwell was one of my favorite child actors. I remember one of his earlier movies, called "The Happy Years" (Released in 1950) was a wonderful comedy and is STILL one of my favorite movies.

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  • Watched the last installment of the Herbie series--Herbie Goes Bananas. Man what a waste of time and a great cast too.

    Did you all know that Pedro Gonzalez-Gonzalez had a Brother who was also an actor and looked like him--his name was I THINK? Jose???? anyway, he was the owner of a Mexican Garage where they picked up the VW at.

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  • This afternoon I watched "The Frogmen", which was a term applied to the predecessors of today's Navy SEAL teams. The stars were Richard Widmark, Dana Andrews, Gary Merrill and Jeffrey Hunter.

    In WW2, the Navy had what were called Underwater Demolition Teams (UDT), which were swimmers/divers responsible for reconnoitering the shoreline of enemy islands in the Pacific and planting demolition explosives among obstacles laid down to stop landing craft. Fellow sailors called them the frogmen.

    This isn't the best war movie I've ever seen but it's not bad. I've seen it before but still enjoy it.

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  • I remember The Frogmen. I loved that. Saw it long before I started diving the ocean and reefs. Maybe that is what kept me in the water when I continually saw visions of "Jaws" in my mind?

    Watched the Flying Tigers, another one from my childhood. KEITH

    God, she reminds me of me! DUKE

  • Two episodes of the 1962-63 WWII series which sadly, lasted only 26 episodes: The Gallant Men:

    OK, episode 1 wasnt the best at introducing a TV series that SHOULD have lasted longer but--want too bad either. However, they were up against COMBAT--and the first ep of COMBAT wasnt the best either.

    OK, time for not really griping but--here is what I saw used in the first episode:

    They used footage from older Warner Brothers War Movies like: Breakthrough as well as A Force Of Arms. Some of the footage I saw used from Breakthrough and in which you CAN id an actor or character was when they (in Breakthrough) hit the Normandy Beaches. I saw the character called: Hansen--wounded and you could easily see who he was and such as well as when Rochek and the other guy go and drag him in to the sand burm they were hiding behind. There was other footage used that was directly from Breakthrough as well as Army documentary footage that Breakthrough had used.

    The brief clips I saw used from: A Force of Arms--mainly only included the footage of a German MG-34 and a Heavy Mortar Team.

    William Windom was the guest star of that episode.

    Now for episode number 2: The guest Star was Peter Breck. The movie footage I saw used in this episode was also some from: A Force of Arms, and the other footage was from: The Story of G.I. Joe. You ill notice the G.I. Joe footage easily enough because when they are fighting in the town ruins of some Italian town--most of the combat footage as from G.I. Joe--especially the ""German or Italian"" Sniper hiding up in the Belfrey of a destroyed Church. The ""German or Italian"' was wearing a helmet backwards to make him look like an enemy soldier.

    Anyway, episode number 2 was VERY good and much better than ep 1 was.

    PS and spoiler time since I dont think many here will buy this series? I see a trend of sorts happening in which the guest stars will all get killed off. At least in COMBAT--some at least survived.

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  • She with Randolph Scott on blu ray.
    Often voted as one of the best, worst films ever made!
    Quality no better than the DVD but it is pretty good for its age.

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  • Episode 3 of: The Gallant Men. This time Robert Conrad was the guest and was a Sergeant and kid brother to the Company Commander. It was an excellent episode to say the least. Guess who dies? Ill give you three guesses and the first two will be wrong :lol::lol:

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  • The Hobbit-Not a LotR fan, but I enjoyed it very much;
    Red Dawn-the recent remake, watch the original instead (at least Ben was in that);
    Man With the Iron Fists-better than I expected-just ridiculous, but kinda fun;
    House At The End Of The Street-don't bother.