Last Non Western You Watched

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  • Where Eagles Dare, using my old computer as my other computer is going to be re-formatted in the morning while I'm on holiday, going for 8 days to Hastings I'll try to login on Sandra's computer if at all possible.

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  • Watched this movie this afternoon, starring Hollywood's baddest ass. Not recommended for kids under 21, nor grandparents (not including me, of course :wink_smile:) , because of extremely filthy language and constant violence. Sure liked the way old Steve (a New York cop) did in the bad guys.

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  • Most Seagal's stuff now, we only watch for laughs-he obviously has the skills, but for an action star, he has let himself - and his ego, go overboard. His obvious doubles in the cheap Euro films he did, didn't help his image at all. At least now he is able to make fun of his image at times- (anyone see "Cockpuncher"?), and in Machete he made a really good bad guy. He just isn't believable as the "macho chick magnet" in his TV series"True Justice" , and limited action scenes. His early stuff is easily the best.

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  • I think I need to buy some of the Seagal films I haven't seen, which are most of 'em. I've only seen about the first 5 or 6. Can't remember why I lost interest in him, because I liked all of his movies I saw.

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  • C.S.I. Miami, it was even worse in Spanish!" Funny!

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