Clint Eastwood

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  • Hi everyone,
    Some news worth reading .(from Reuters)
    " Most Americans watch their favourite shows on a TV set,
    and given a choice more would prefer to star in a Clint Eastwood western than a romantic comedy with George Clooney, according to an online poll.
    Nearly 70 percent of adults questioned in the 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair survey said they watch TV when the programmes run in their usual time slots but 20 percent admitted to using a DVR or TiVO."
    How about you Americans?


    Sometimes kids ask me what a pro is. I just point to the Duke.
    ~Steve McQueen~

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  • Well, Taka, I'll take Clint Eastwood over George Clooney any time.

    As for television, I hardly ever watch it. When TV first appeared and became popular back in the 1940s and '50s, I had high hopes for it as a medium for education but over the years, it has degenerated into a method for indoctrinating people to certain viewpoints. Speaking for myself, I don't like to feel that I'm being indoctrinated as I'm perfectly capable of forming opinions on my own.

    I also think there's entirely too much sex and dirty language in today's TV shows.

    De gustibus non est disputandum

  • Taka,
    Where we live, if you don't subscribe to cable, you don't have anything to watch on TV except video tapes or DVD. We chose a number of years ago to discontinue cable service because we felt that what we were paying for was NOT worth it. Too much garbage, too little worthwhile content, and they wanted too much money for it.

    That being said, our family is not entirely out of the loop concerning current TV shows. We have found that we are able to watch some things on the Internet, within a day or two of it showing on television. We will be watching the new season of 24 and Castle online, and have also watched such shows as Monk; our adult children have been watching The Office for a few years now, as well as shows such as House. Of course, we can't discuss the show the day after it originally airs because we will be behind a day or two, but that is the same as recording it to watch at our convenience. Also, there seem to be fewer commercials (we watch on Hulu, which has some ads). So . . . in answer to your question, we watch some of our favorite shows on the TV set, via DVDs and VHS tapes. We watch current "TV" show favorites on our computer.

    As to the second question - Clint Eastwood hands down! While I've enjoyed George Clooney in the Ocean's movies and O Brother, Where Art Thou, we are too ideologically different for me to want to spend very much time with him. Anyway, I'd rather be in a Western than a romantic movie!

    Chester :newyear:

  • I think that Eastwood the director of Gran Torino owes quite a debt to Duke and Don Siegel's The Shootist. Did anyone else note the similarities between the two?
    As for Siegel directing a bad movie, try sitting through Bette Midler in Jinxed. Even Sam Peckinpah's modest contributions are boring. Of course he had the excuse of being in an alcohol/cocaine tailspin.

    We deal in lead, friend.

  • Chester,
    Also,Time that I see the TV has decreased.
    The recent TV program in Japan is like a vicious circle going on below.
    Worse the economy,companies reduce the cost of advertising.
    TV commercials which is the main sourse of income for TV stations decrease.
    As a result,production cost will be reduced on a TV show.
    So,Most of the Japanese TV show is worthless,IMO.
    I would rather be in a Western than a romantic movie. So am I.

    Sometimes kids ask me what a pro is. I just point to the Duke.
    ~Steve McQueen~

  • Clint is probably my second favorite actor behind the Duke. I love his Westerns and War movies. I think that Duke would have loved to have had the directorial success that Clint has had. :agent:

  • Without a doubt! I'm sure Duke was hurt over the criticism his direction recieved in The Alamo & Green Berets. He had hoped to move into directing more as he got older, but it wasn't to be. I'd much rather have had his acting anyway, he was a joy to watch!

  • It's a pity they never made a movie together but I guess Clint was too offended by Duke's criticism of High Plains Drifter.

    Could be, thought I've never have heard any comments by Clint that would substanciate that. Chances are, their careers were like two ocean liners crossing the sea, pretty hard to turn to meet, each with different things on their plates every day.

    Chester :newyear:

  • Clint just said he didn't bother replying to Duke's letter and that was the end of that. I doubt though that they could have worked together because after Dirty Harry Clint was the Number 1 star in Hollywood and probably wouldn't have taken second billing to anyone.

  • I wish Clint would lighten up as a director. Most of his latest films, except for Space Cowboys were pretty grim and downbeat. I haven't seen Invictus yet, but understand that it has a more postive tone.

    We deal in lead, friend.

  • I bought a wonderful CD yesterday: Rawhides-Clint Eastwood sings Cowboy Favorites.

    We all know from "Paint Your Wagon" and "Honky Tonk Man" that Clint can sing. On the CD You find some fine old country and cowboy songs recorded in 1963. Clint Eastwoods voice is real fine and reminds me of the great Marty Robbins (You can see them both singin´together in Honky Tonk Man). The Songs on the CD are slow and soft, maybe we could say in the style of the Sons of the Pioneers.

    If You are interested have a look here:…sic&qid=1277542385&sr=1-1

    "Never apologize. It´s a sign of weakness."

  • I never compared Clint Eastwood with John Wayne,I think they portrayed different types of the West.That is ,if that West ever existed?The people seemed to go for Mr.Wayne more than Mr.Eastwood but it would have been great to see them together.Its hard to predict who will be remembered most,but I think Duke Wayne has already aswered that question..