Books on Duke- Past Discussion (Archive)

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  • Found a book with a release very soon. Don't know anything about this man, but could be an interesting read.

    John Wayne: The Man Behind the Myth
    by Michael Munn - Release Date: March 2, 2004

    Find this at this web site.

    Cheers, Hondo B)

    "When you come slam bang up against trouble, it never looks half as bad if you face up to it"
    - John Wayne quote
  • Hi Hondo,
    The book you are referring to is in my last but one post and the book you have all been discussing at great length, dealing with the plot to assassinate JW.

    One other book to add I think its not been covered before

    'Them Ornery Mitchum Boys' by John Mitchum.

    Very interesting book covering his role in EL Dorado with a humuorous story of the woodsplinters in the saloon scene.

    And in depth coverage of the writing and making of 'America Why I love Her'

    As an aside I wrote to John Mitchum some years ago and he sent me two autographed photos one of him as seen in the CD of America Why I love Her and the other as a deputy sherriff playing cards with Bruce Cabot, Glenn Corbett and Robert Donner.
    I obviously never knew him but he seemed to me to be a perfect gentleman.

    Best Regards

    Walk Tall - Talk Low
  • You know Arthur you're right about that book. :huh: I'm not sure why it was put out as a release in March. I was looking around and saw this listed. :) I talked about this book before, and completely forgot about the title. :blink: Could this be an update edition to be released? :o

    Sorry for the misconception. :stunned:

    Cheers, Hondo B)

    "When you come slam bang up against trouble, it never looks half as bad if you face up to it"
    - John Wayne quote

    "Marlene Dietrich, by Her Daughter"
    By Maria Riva

    Many mysteries about the relationsship between La Dietrich and The Duke, mostly because Marlene was quite a liar. In her own stories she even had to teach Wayne to act; he didn't read books and according to legend she told her agent when she first laid eyes on him: "Daddy, buy me that" (giving the part in Seven Sinners to him). Now her daughter has the last word: She was there when it all happened, and this is really some biography. You could knock down a full grown man with it, but it's worth the read. I interviewed Maria Riva in 1992 when the German edition was published, and what she has to say about the life of her mother is something. About Wayne: she asked him years later (in London, so I guess it was during Brannigan) what made him leave the goddess, and he answered: "Never liked being a race-horse in a barn".
  • Hi all,
    Looking through to answer a question on another post. I found yet another book on Stagecoach very interesting 95 pages, published by the British Film Institue under BFI Classics.

    Stagecoach - Edward Buscombe published BFI publishing (1992) and available from 21 Stephen Street, LondonWIP 1PL
    Walk Tall - Talk Low
  • I have purchased three Duke books, and have two of them on hand right now. I have The Duke - A Life in Pictures & John Wayne My Father. They look great, and I am suppose to get My Life With the Duke anytime now. I look forward to reading these books. I know there are other books out there, but wanted these books for my collection.

    Cheers, Hondo B)

    "When you come slam bang up against trouble, it never looks half as bad if you face up to it"
    - John Wayne quote
  • Hi Hondo
    You'll like those books they are very good.

    I have just gone through my library other J.W related books are:

    by Peter Harry Brown and Pat H Broeske.
    Published by Little Brown Books 1996

    JW is mentioned on pages 239, 255, 282, 289, 391, 392,393,
    One part refers to the making of Jet Pilot and tells how the film started filming in 1949, they were still filming in 1951 and because of Hughes indeciviness, he couldn't dtop tinkering with the aviation scenes - the film was not released until 1957 and looked outdated.
    It also mentions that when 'The Conqueror' came out the audience howled but Hughes was so delighted that he bought the film outright.

    By Fred Lawrence Guiles
    Published Pavilion Books 1995

    JW is mentioned on pg 139,201
    But don't buy the book if you want to learn anything about Duke other than Crawford apparantly despised him because he did not join up.

    By Barry Paris
    Published by Hamish Hamilton London
    pp 223, 282-4 412n refer

    Louis Brooks making her Hollywood comeback made her final film opposite J.W.

    Other related book including John Wayne
    Wild West Movis - Kim Newman
    The BFI Companion to the Western
    The Hollywood WEestern - William K. Everson
    The Western |Film Anual Vol 1 - Maurice speed
    The Western Film Annual vol 2 - Maurice Speed
    The Western Film Annual Vol 3 - Maurice Speed

    John Wayne crops up in WILDEST WESTERNS in nearly every edition.

    Incidentally can anyone tell me if the magazine TRAIL DUST is still going I used to collect it until a couple of years ago when they moved and I don't knoe if its still going. I thought that was a brilliant magazine.

    Walk Tall - Talk Low
  • GOLDEN TURKEY AWARDS, by Harry and Michael Medved
    This book is meant to be fun: it gives awards for the worst films, worst performances in the history of films. One chapter is dedicated to John Wayne's - you guessed it - Ghenghis Khan. But no worries: others have to stick out their necks as well. Cooper gets it for the worst romantic line in "Northwest Mounted Police".

    For the German reader:
    by Gunter Narr Verlag Tübingen
    If you want to analyze this film bit by bit, that book might help. It describes every single shot (551 single camera shots in this film, by the way) with Engl. dialogue and description of action and soundeffects - even gives the seconds per shot.
    this is a selection of the finest studio publicity stills from the Fifties. Not text, just pictures. In JW's case, two examples, both by photographer Ernest Bachrach for RKO. The interesting thing is, the one made in 1957 was made for publitiy of Jet Pilot - which could indicate that Wayne (by appearence definitely in 57) had to come back for a sitting for that film.
  • Hi
    A couple of week ago I bought THE JOHN WAYNE STORY by George Carpozi off ebay.
    bought it because it goes towards the set.

    However I think it must be one of the worst books ever written on John Wayne.
    As ITDO stated in one of the first posts on this subject Capozi didn't like Duke but that is no excuse for the number of inaccuracies that the book contains i.e claiming that the first marriage between John Wayne and Josephine was not a problem as they were both Catholic.

    What is worse is that two Heavyweight John Wayne Books - Prophet of the American Way of Life and John Wayne Actor Artist and Hero use Carpozi's book as reference although this does go some way to explaining how John Wayne was supposed to have appeared in Melody Ranch.


    Walk Tall - Talk Low
  • Hi

    On a more cheerful note some more books in which John Wayne Features:-

    Picture Show Annual 1956

    Picture Show Annual 1957 - Article on The Conqueror

    Picture Show Annual 1956 - articles on John Wayne and Stagecoach

    The Film Review (undated) - Maurice Speed - full colour picture John Wayne and Larraine Day -Tycoon

    Film Review (undated) - Maurice Speed - full colour picture John Wayne Lauren Bacall - Blood Alley

    Boys Cinema Annual 1950 - Red River

    Picturegoer 1957-58 Article on John Wayne titled 'The Star That Never Waynes'



    The Film Show Annual 1956-7
    Walk Tall - Talk Low
  • Hello All! Just wanted to add 2 more books I recently aquired of books made into Duke films. The first one is:

    The Sea Chase by Andrew Geer - Pocket Books INC. 1955 (originally printed in '48) and

    The Stars in their Courses by Harry Brown, Alfred Knopf-Borzoi Books 1960 (was made into the movie El Dorado).

    Can't wait to read that one. That puts my collection of books aound 57. Gotta love that ebay!!! Dukefan1
    "I couldn't go to sleep at night if the director didn't call 'cut'. "
  • I do not know if I just over looked it in that long list of books on the Duke or not but about 20 years ago my wife gave me a book by PAT STACY about the last 7 years of the DUKES life.The book was "DUKE A LOVE STORY" ! She was his Secretary and later became his last love. She traveled the world with him and on Wild Goose boat with him . She was with him untill at his bedside to the end when he took his last breath. You Ladys will love this book its a real Tear Jerker at the end of his life. It was done by his sweetheart Pat Stacy from a womans veiw point ! Chilibill :cowboy:

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