True Grit (2010)

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  • I watched True Grit yesterday. I enjoyed the movie, I think I would have enjoyed it more if I was not always trying to compare it to TOTG.

    I didn't care for the new ending for a couple of reasons... For some reason, to me, it just didn't seem to fit the rest of the movie... the camera work, acting and what not and the actors seemed really stiff to me.

    I liked the ending of TOTG better with the horse jump over the fence and I also liked the open endedness the ending had.

    But over all I would give the new version a "GO SEE"

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  • I agree with the points erthomp143 made. And having read numerous reviews by critics who claim the new film follows the novel more closely....I have surmised that the critics have apparently not read the novel.

  • I just saw the remake, and can only agree with everyone else's comments. Great perfomances, REALLY nice to see a western that doesn't embarrass itself with unreal action and all. Duke's version is still EASILY number one tho-

  • The other day a young fellow at work told me he saw the NTG and he liked the film alot. I then ask if he would like to see the JW version and he agreed. I gave him my copy and the next day he gave it back saying he also liked Duke's version.
    My nephew who works with me also wanted to see JW version before he went to the movies.
    So this has spurred interest in some young people to see a John Wayne movie.

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  • LT. Branigan great article. Bill Oreilly is a good writer and I agree with him totally.

    Mister you better find yourself another line of work, cause this one sure DON"T fit your PISTOL!

  • Haven't seen this remake, but they could've picked an actor more suited than Bridges to portray Cogburn :vomit: Then again, maybe no one wanted the part?

    I,am a little curious whom would you think could have made a better Rooster? By the way I saw the movie and Bridges gives a fine account of himself. By your statement I take it you just don't like Jeff Bridges.

    ''baby sister i was born game and intend to go out that way.''

  • Haven't seen this remake, but they could've picked an actor more suited than Bridges to portray Cogburn :vomit:

    If you haven't seen the remake, how can you judge Bridges' perfomance? IMO, he gives an Oscar-worthy performance as old Rooster. In fact, I personally think his performance is as good as Duke's, though more serious.

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  • True Grit has taken Number 1 position this week and it has taken $110 million plus at box office so far.

    Great news for this movie and hopefully it will start a westerns revival with Hollywood.

  • I saw the remake today with my son. We both enjoyed it. I agree with most of the reviews already posted. While i liked the original and Duke's performance i have a hard time watching it anymore because i really can't stand Darby and Cambell's performance.

    I didn't care for the ending in the remake but i thought Bridges played a convincing Rooster. The Duke may be gone but his legacy lives!

  • I hafta tell you all tho, after seeing both versions back-to-back, I really don't mind Glen and Kim much any more, and thought both were pretty good.

  • I finally saw it and I can honestly say that I was disappointed with it. Matt Damon was ok. He could have been better. I could not understand Jeff Brigdes with his dialogue. He sounded like sheep dip. Mattie was excellent and Josh Brolin was give and take. The plot was almost identical to John Wayne's but a couple of items were different: the hanged man, the "doctor", LaBoeuf living, the end, etc. It was , however, fantastic because it brings the western back.

  • I went and seen it and I did enjoy it but Jeff Bridges is no John Wayne, I will get the dvd when it comes out but if I could only have one or the other it would be the Dukes movie he is the best by fay.