What Was The Last Western You Watched?

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  • Dances With Wolves for the umpteenth time. Never gets old.

    I agree! I saw it for the first time in the movie-theater when it was released, watched it several times on TV and bought the extended cut a few months ago on DVD. Mary McDonnell was great in this movie! - I met her three years ago on a convention for SciFi-fans (because of her role in Battlestar Galactica). She is a real fine and very intelligent lady!

    I watched a few western movies: Bad Men of Missouri starring Dennis Morgan as Cole Younger. It was not too bad, but there are better movies about the James and Younger gang...

    Canyon Passage from 1946 was a good old fashioned western based on a novel by Ernest Haycox with Dana Andrews, Susan Hayward and Ward Bond as the bad guy. I liked it!

    Jesse James from 1939 starring Tyrone Power and Henry Fonda. I have seen many pictures about Jesse James, but THIS is still THE ONE for me! Maybe it is not the true story of the James brothers but it is real piece of art. - I am going to watch The Return of Frank James with Henry Fonda in a few days, as soon as the DVD arrives. The are selling a restored version now.

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  • "The Good Guys And The Bad Guys" (1969)
    -Robert Mitchum, George Kennedy

    Plot: IMDB

    Marshal Flagg, an aging lawman about to be retired, hears that his old nemesis, the outlaw McKaye, is back in the area and planning a robbery. Riding out to hunt down McKaye, Flagg is captured by McKaye's gang and finds out that McKaye is no longer the leader of the gang, but is considered just an aging relic by the new leader, a youngster named Waco. Waco orders Mackaye to shoot Flagg, and when Mackaye refuses Waco abandons both of them. Flagg then takes Mackaye back to town only to find out that he has been "retired", and when he sees how clueless and incompetent the new marshal and the city fathers are, he persuades Mackaye that it is up to the two of them to stop Waco and his gang from ravaging the town.

    Phantom's Review: Entertaining, light hearted western adventure. Plenty of action and humor and the two lead actors do a great job. My only complaint was a truly God awful song that was played over the opening credits and during a few key scenes. Other than that, this is a enjoyable move.

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  • Criterion has restored Ang Lee's "Ride With the Devil", a little known 1999 film set in the Civil War. I had seen it before, but this version, with restored scenes, blows the original one away.
    If you haven't seen it at all yet, or if you've only seen the original cut, rent the new one. It's a much richer experience.

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  • Last western I watched was Jonah Hex with Josh Brolin. It had a bit of a supernatural effect to it. Hex was able to to talk to the dead by touching them. It was ok, kind of short on time, about 85 minutes, which made it seem like they rushed through the story to get it over with.

  • Last western I watched was Jonah Hex with Josh Brolin. It had a bit of a supernatural effect to it. Hex was able to to talk to the dead by touching them. It was ok, kind of short on time, about 85 minutes, which made it seem like they rushed through the story to get it over with.

    I was just going to ask to see if anyone had seen it yet? because I thought about getting a copy that is for sale at Wally World. Im not into supernatural junk but, I used to collect Jonah Hex comic-books when I was a yonker. I always thought that at that time, the late 70s, that if they made the comic into a movie? that Clint Eastwood should get the part as Hex. The guy who created the character, DID base it on Clint Eastwood.

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  • Went to the movies tonight and saw True Grit. Thought it was very good. Young Ms Stanfield stood out as Mattie Ross, Jeff Bridges was good as Rooster but, just a few hairs below The Duke in his characterization. Matt Damon seemed a little out of his element as LaBeouf but, better than Glen Campbell. It pretty much followed the same as True Grit (69) except for a few things, most notably, the end. It'll be coming out on DVD and Blu-ray either later this month or next and I'll definitely add it to my collection.

  • Movie night at my house, and a double feature

    "Blue Steel" (1934) Catching up on Duke's B-movies of the 30's. Not much of a story, but great stunt work, and fun to watch the evolution of the movie fight scene.

    "The Cowboy Way" (1994) With Woody Harrelson and Keifer Sutherland as two modern day cowboys taking on organized crime in NYC. Very fun movie! Gotta love a cowboy "fish out of water" story!

  • The Warner Archive Collection released "The Wild Rovers" director's cut on dvd. Once again, it's far superior to the butchered studio release. Now we finally see what happened to Karl Malden's character. It even has an overture and intermission interlude of Goldsmith's classic western theme.
    This one is definitely worth a look.

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  • A few episodes of High Chaparral. A great western-series with good characters.

    Haunted Gold. It was released on DVD in Germany a few weeks ago and I have never seen this John Wayne movie before! I liked it, Haunted Gold was great fun. This phantom-ghost story could be a fine funny movie for Helloween...

    The Return of Frank James with Henry Fonda. I watched a remastered version on DVD and it was WONDERFUL! No dust, no scratches and the colors are bright again. I saw this movie for the first time as I was 12 years old on television on a black and white TV-set. Now I am 48 and The Return of Frank James is still one of my favourite westen movies.

    Could not get enough of the James gang and watched The Younger Brothers from 1949. Good old-fashioned western, but never as good as The Return of Frank James...

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  • El Dorado with John Wayne, Robert Mitchum, James Cann, and Edward Asner. A good movie for all to see and one that is ranked up there as Duke's best.

    Cheers :cool:


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