What Was The Last Western You Watched?

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  • Right now I am watching THE SHEPHERD OF THE HILLS on Starz Westerns channel. Good color! I saw the Shepherd of the Hills play in Branson Mo quite a few years ago and it is a lot different from the movie. Wonder how the movie compares with the book.

  • Last night I watched, Blazing Saddles 1974 with lots of humour not a bad movie, like that scene where they are eating their beans around the camp fire.
    Starring Cleavon Little, Gene Wilder, Slim Pickens.

    To ruin a western town, a corrupt political boss appoints a black sheriff, who promptly becomes his most formidable adversary.

  • The last western I watched was McLintock.
    It was an action movie!
    It must have been a lot of fun producing and directing that picture.


  • The last western I watched was McLintock.
    It must have been a lot of fun producing and directing that picture.


  • THE PROFESSIONALS My favorite movie! I first saw it in 1966 at the theater. There is a rather controversial scene in it where Claudia Cardinale is trying to seduce Burt Lancaster and she takes off her top. It is very dark but you can tell she is ALL WOMAN!

    When I saw the movie again at the theater several months later that scene had a dark "airbrushed" spot over her womanly part. Every time I have seen it since, even buying the DVD, her cleavage is blocked out.

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  • Ever notice the difference between the early 1968 versions of GUNSMOKE and the later 1968 versions? What happened is GUNSMOKE was made for a mature adult audience. Then in June, Bobby Kennedy was murdered and Hysteria took over. Violence caused by Toy guns were blamed. TV was blamed. pulp books were blamed. violent movies were blamed.
    So the industry, fearing government regulations, took defensive measures. Adult TV shows were dumbed down to kiddie shows. Pulp books changed their covers. Toy guns disappeared from the shelves. Movies on TV were butchered to remove all "violence".
    The movie industry said they would "self police" themselves with a joke of a rating system. As a result, the movie industry proceeded to produce the most violent and sexual movies possible by simply rating them "R" or "X". Original ratings introduced in 1968 were G M R X then G GP R X. Then G GP PG-13 R NR.

    GUNSMOKE brought in so many kids that even "Doc" Milburn Stone complained about all the kids on the set.

  • Watching THE NEBRASKAN right now from 1953. I saw it in 1954 in Farmington, NM at the Allen Theater. I just noticed the rocks in front are moving, showing this was originally done in 3-D.
    It is funny to watch the movie Indians (Sioux) suddenly change to Apaches, then back to Sioux, showing they used lots of stock footage from other movies.

  • This last weekend I watched HONDO, had not seen it for a long time. It made me check out the life of Geraldine Page, as I did not no much about her, and I was surprised about her acting career and fame.

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