Last Non Western You Watched

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  • For some inexplicable reason I watched On A Clear Day You Can See Forever. It was horrible. I can't stand Streisand and I've never understood the appeal of Yves Montand.

  • Just finished " For the love of Spock" on Netflix. A great documentary on Leonard Nimoy that examines the man through the eyes of his son, which offers a far more intimate look at his private life as opposed to the glossy and measured celebrity image. It made me appreciate him so much more knowing he was a regular human being with the same kind of insecurities and struggles at being a husband, a father, and a son (like we all do). It actually gave him a true measure of merit as a man instead of a bloated pat on the back which Hollywood always gives him for playing a cultural icon.

    It really illustrated that being known for something hardly fixes all the ills that one must face in life. Indeed, it sometimes make it harder having to find the right perspective. An excellent documentary. I highly recommend.