Clint Eastwood

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  • So do I! Eastwood and the Duke were real very different cowboy-actors and the made very different movies. I would say John Wayne portrayed more the kind of man, you want to have as a good friend or pardner, ride and fight with him side by side and after that have a good drink with him and meet some beautiful ladies. - I never had this feeling for the characters Eastwood played... Eastwood is more the tortured lonesome cowboy type and he doesn´t enjoy life like the characters the Duke played.

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  • Just watched probably the best of the Dirty Harry movies,
    Sudden Impact
    Somehow, Clint's part would not have suited Duke,
    who originally turned down the character.
    As Clint is still very much a living legend,
    I have also taken this opportunity to edit this profile,
    updating the Filmography and Trivia.

    Best Wishes
    London- England

  • My favourite Clint movie is Kellys Heroes ... great sunday afternoon movie

    Windage & Elevation !

  • Hi All,
    F.Y.I. Saturday, Jan. 21st, Starting around 2pm ( eastern st. time) Crazy about Clint Eastwood! One of the movies, The Unforgiven! with
    Gene Hackman! One of my favorites!

  • Ditto on "The Unforgiven".. I really enjoy watching it as often as possible...

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  • I thought i read somewhere once that Clint said he would have liked to make a movie with the Duke. Asuming John agreed, What do you think they could pull off together? Would they be cops working together? would they be gunslingers? would a war movie work the best? would they be friends or enemies? I'd be curious to read your thoughts on this Keith!

  • IMHO the 1st Dirty Harry was easily the best of the series. The rest became too formulaic-altho entertaining-and Clint's acting too forced.

  • I'm old enough to remember the ad campaign for "Dirty Harry". There was one ad showing Clint holding the magnum along with an image of Andy Robinson from the movie. The copy said "Dirty Harry and the homicidal maniac. Harry's the one with the gun"'

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  • Im afraid Clint Eastwood movies are'nt for me, many of them are just toooooooo violent...... even by todays standards they really had a hard edge about them.

    Rowdy was just an innocent.. i think ill'' leave Clint in my memory like that.

  • Happy Birthday, Clint. Your the man! Wishing you a grand day.

    Cheers :cool: Hondo


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