What Was The Last Western You Watched?

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    Originally posted by SXViper@Feb 4 2006, 09:37 PM
    Well, let me guess, Operation Pacific, In Harm's Way, or They Were Expenable. My bet is on the first 2 as it is very hard to find They Were Expendable.


    Hi Todd, well, you won the bet if we'd had placed one. :) I got In Harms Way but have not watched it yet as I also had just got the German movie: Die Untergang (The Downfall) and it's some 3 hrs long and I watched it after Chisum.

    I wonder why They Were Expendable is so hard to get? I asked them at Best Buy if they could get a copy but they said it had been deleted from their system. :(

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  • Hi

    I came in halfway through Denver and the Rio Grande with Edmund O'Brian in a ridiculous hat with an equally ridiculous story and five minutes after coming in I turned over.
    Perhaps that doesn't count as actually watching a western.

    However On the bit that I did see I would revise my estimate of the worst westerns ever made and include this one right up amongst them.



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  • I watched Clint's Man with No Name Trilogy over the Weekend. Classic.

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  • Hey, you watched it! Not for long, but you watched it -it counts! :D

    Chester :newyear:

  • Watched TWO of The Duke's Westerns on AMC last night. I started out with: Comancheros and then watched: Cahill: U.S.Marshal and decided to watch: Comancheros again before letting Morpheus take hold of me for the evening. :D

    Es Ist Verboten Mit Gefangenen In Einzelhaft Zu Sprechen..

  • I watched The Tall Texan the other day. Llyod Bridges is the star in this one - a low budget film from Lippert Productions (it just came out on DVD from VCI). It actually has a good cast and a fair script. The money ran out at the end of production, and the ending of the movie suffers just a little bit because of it - but overall it's a decent movie. Think of Stagecoach meets Lust for Gold on a very small budget.