Jet Pilot (1957)

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  • Hi,
    I'd like to see this extra footage, even if it is only planes in it. The flights are so beautifully shot in this movie and I sure enjoy their magic.

  • Great info fellas. I never knew that this movie ran nearly 3 hours long. Maybe someday they'll release the complete version. BTW, this may have been answered elsewhere, but why was this movie made in 1950, but not released until 1957?

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  • Because Hughes kept playing with it. He toyed and toyed with it untill he was happy with it and then released it. He fretted over the airial scenes and was going to make sure it was the best. At least that is what I remember reading. Anyone else know why?


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  • Hi Mark,

    I've just noticed this duplicate thread has been started,
    although the dedicated thread is here,
    I have now merged the two.

    Have a look at the top of the thread,
    where there is a bit more detail,
    as to why the film was delayed.
    It looks to me, that it
    was just Mr. Hughes's, strive for 'perfection'

    Best Wishes
    London- England

  • Thanks Keith,

    You're doing a great job keeping this section in order and enjoyable. :thumbs_up:

    I remember reading about it somewhere about the delay, but I have read so many books about Duke tha I forget where I learn stuff from. :stunned:


    "I couldn't go to sleep at night if the director didn't call 'cut'. "

  • Thanks for the answers. When I first came across this movie, I hit the info on the remote and what it said was that this movie was released in 1957, but was made in 1950 and I have always been curious as to why.

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  • I've seen this one on a number of occasion and I do rate this highly, and definately within the top 50 of my most favorite films. I love these "cold war" movies and the way it depicts the feelings of the actual time. Aye, and the poster is a nice one.

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  • as long as Janet Leigh was in it with the flying scenes I would take this movie as a reasonable JW film.

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  • The above are all strong candidates for the worst, but for my money the worst of them all is "Jet Pilot." This collaboration between Howard Hughes and John Wayne seemed to bring out the worst in both of them.

    The film, wrote Duke biographers Roberts and Olson, let Hughes explore "three of his obsessions, anticommunism, women's breasts and aviation."

    The plot is ludicrous, involving a female Soviet jet pilot (Janet Leigh) who also qualifies for Playmate of the Month. After some initial political sparring and some flying lessons by Duke, they of course fall in love. I've seen better screen chemistry between Duke and some of his horses.

    Then they escape to the Soviet Union. Then they come back. All ends happily.

    But what you went through to get there.

  • Ah, come on, I like Jet Pilot! It´s a real funny movie about the Americans and the Russians in Cold War. I enjoy it, whenever I watch it and the jet scenes are great.

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  • You have a point. Watching Jet Pilot as a comedy makes it more bearable. And yes, I watch it too.

  • quite simply the worst john wayne film i have ever watched. the only plus point was that i watched it on my own. i would hate to think it was anyones introduction to john wayne. was it a hit at the time does anyone know?

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  • Have to concur with badger Hughes did John Wayne a big favour taking Jet Pilot & The Conqueor out of circulation for years. I would doubt it ever made a profit as Hughes spent so money & time looking for the right type of clouds.