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  • I was just wondering if there were any younger people here that have started listening to Dean Martin after seeing him in a John Wayne movie. I'm twenty six years old and may have gone my entire life without caring about one of his songs, but after seeing him in Rio Bravo and Sons of Katie Elder, I picked up a cd. Now I am a fan. And let me tell you, this is not my normal type of music.

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  • Daen Martin was yet, another household favorite. I got "wiened" on Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis movies when I was a yonker. These were always shown either at 11Am Sat mornings or 11PM Sat nights. I think I can count that I have seen at least half of Dean Martin's movies.

    DC65, I did listen to some of his music when I got hooked on his movies when I was much younger. He does have a great voice, doesn't he? ;-))

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  • I have some Dean Martin C.D.'s I like listening to, I am a big fan of his, I think he worked well with Duke, I particulary like him in Katie Elder

  • after i watched Rio Bravo i bought one of Dean's cds and me and the mrs both loved it.we are now both fans of Deans + we are in our mid/late 30's. he's got a great voice

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  • I had a couple of different thoughts on that.

    One was that perhaps he might have had a couple of shots too many of Sauza Comemorativo . . .

    or . . .

    he possibly missed a potty break . . .

    or maybe, because this was more along the lines of an interview, maybe he was nervous.

    You can tell someone was a little slow with the cue cards, as he had to pause and give Dean time to respond (the exchange about the table over his head was one example).

    I'd be interested to hear others' thoughts on this.

    Chester :newyear:

  • He did seem nervous; perhaps he was not used to a live audience - I think Martin's show was taped for later viewing on the network, but the show was staged before a live audience.
    That's my viewpoint!
    Cheers - Jay:beer:

    Cheers - Jay:beer:
    "Not hardly!!!"

  • This is from the video clip of Duke and Dino:

    You might also remember that Duke had his cancer surgery recently and may have not recovered fully. The only reason I mention that is because they were viewing The Sons of Katie Elder which I think they just finished and that was his first picture after the surgery. That may also explain why they were sitting at a table for the interview.

    Loved that clip. I never seen it.

    Cheers :cool: Hondo


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  • I know early in Dean's movie career, there was a considerable amount of skepticism about his talent as an actor but as time wore on, I think he dispelled that skepticism.

    I know he sure convinced me - I thought he did a great job as a Western actor in "Rio Bravo", "Sons of Katie Elder" and "Bandolero".

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  • I know he sure convinced me - I thought he did a great job as a Western actor in "Rio Bravo", "Sons of Katie Elder" and "Bandolero".

    that goes for me too. i had my doubts about it at first but in Rio Bravo he did amazing. and i have recently seen Bandolero and he did great in it.

  • John Wayne and Dean Martin had better chemistry than Dean and Jerry. You can tell that the two actors have a real affection for one another.
    I tried viewing the older clips on this site but they were deleted, so I don't know if it was included, but I recall somewhere Dean introducing JW as "my good friend, Duck". It even cracked Wayne up.

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