Last Non Western You Watched

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  • wild hogs !!! what a bunch of old guys like me need to watch sometimes:
    with a bunch of old guys..

    That'll Be the Day!

  • Watched my VHS copy of The Conqueror.
    What can I say. Even John Wayne was not perfect.
    Every five minutes somebody is capturing somebody else.

    ''baby sister i was born game and intend to go out that way.''

  • Arctic Blast, a television movie starring Michael Shanks (Stargate). Not a great movie, but thrilling and I like the actor. I met Michael Shanks two years ago on a convention. He was funny on stage and very nice to the fans.

    "Never apologize. It´s a sign of weakness."

  • the 1st season of the a- team a great series
    get smart
    vanishing point.a great movie with barry newman,cleavon little.cleavon little is brillent as super soul

  • st valentine's day massacre with jason robards.i liked it alot,great cast.john agar had a small part in it.he last about 30 a good actor liked himwent into bit parts,what a shame.

  • Currently watching The Insider with Russell Crowe.

    Haven't seen it in ages, and remember very little about it. I usually like Michael Mann films, so I hope I'm not disappointed with it.

  • For about a week, I've been watching episodes of "Hawaii Five-0", a cop show from the late Sixties that I used to enjoy. Ahhhh, sure do miss those miniskirts the ladies used to wear. :wink_smile:

    De gustibus non est disputandum

  • Creature from the Black Lagoon

    Always been a favorite of mine. The Gill Man really stands out from the monsters of the 1950's, and Julie Adams was gorgeous.