Actor: David Carradine found dead. :-(

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  • Actor David Carradine age 72-was found dead early thursay morning in his Hotel Room in Bankok Thailand. They think he committed suicide by hanginghimself. Hmm-to me that sounds a bit suspecious.

    Either way, I was a fan of yours David, Rest in Peace. :(

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  • This is sad indeed. He was one of my favorite actors when I was a kid.
    He added so much to popular culture.

    May he rest in peace.


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  • Confirmed as to what Bill just said. They are saying that he was strangled by someone placing that cord around his neck. I thought this smelled fishy from the get go.

    I remember him in many things-such as that film he did about Woody Guthrie, then his tribute to Vietnam Vets with: PoW: The Escape, and my favorite movie with him in it-opposite Chuck Norris in: Lone Wolf McQuade.

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  • It may sound fishy but I hope the reports are not true. I would hate that this is his last thing that happened to him and have a tarnished legacy.

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  • Very sad.

    Now the lamestream media is starting with the stories about the rope & what he may have been doing with it.

    They need to leave the man alone, but they won't because they only care about the ratings... :vomit:

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  • Some say Bruce Lee was taken out by the secret karate masters for divulging karate secrets to the public. Makes you wonder if maybe Mr. Carradine may have suffered a similar fate.

    Chester :newyear:

    I wouldn't be surprised if that's the case? Nothing really surprises me anymore.

    One thing that really gets to me-is that these trash news outlets are doing their best to bash him especially since he is no longer here to defend himself. Places like The Daily Mail really skin my sunburn.

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  • I thought I was the only one to remember that movie (which is undeservedly unheralded).
    R.I.P. David Carradine.

    :thumbs_up: That sure was a great movie and also one of my top three favorites with Chuck Norris in them. Having R.G. Armstrong and L.Q. Jones in it as well-was a definate plus ;-))

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  • It may sound fishy but I hope the reports are not true. I would hate that this is his last thing that happened to him and have a tarnished legacy.

    I HEAR YA on that Todd. David deserves much better. I also find it strange that if this was suicide? then why would he off himself when he's about to make a fairly big budget movie-and also had several more movies he already committed to doing-to work on after this one was complete.

    One thing i heard this morning was that his family has hired a world-reknown expert to perform an Autopsy on his body when he's finally delivered here. I also like that Keith Carradine said that if there are any shennanagans by news agencies and people trying to take pics of David-and also for profit-that they will be sued.

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  • Chester,
    That is just what they are saying now that there was Funny Stuff going on, not what He Did, but What He knew !
    Some of these People are into all kinds of Bad Things and they were afraid He was Going To Spill The Beans !!
    In the Old Days "Marshal Arts" was All About Honor, and I spent over 50 Years in The Marshal Arts, I guess that is No LongerTrue !!!

  • Reviving this thread for a moment... I absolutely adored David Carradine. He was a strange person with a lot of problems, but he was also a great and helpful guy to many, a fine actor who never quite got his due, and also a terrific writer. His autobiography, Endless Highway is a compulsive read, and in addition to recounting David's exploits in detail, it has a lot of great analysis on the art and craft of acting. Although he was known best for his TV series Kung Fu (which was a western as far as I'm concerned), and in later years Kill Bill, he was also a frequent performer in westerns from his earliest days before the camera, when Universal signed him as one of the last of the contract actors and put him into a lot of feature film and television westerns. One of his best movies, western or otherwise, is The Long Riders. He was an excellent horseman and for some years he had a small ranch in the San Fernando Valley where he kept horses and other animals. Unfortunately he lost it in an expensive divorce.

    I guess I've seen 99 percent of whatever David did, and that includes an awful lot of direct to video crap! ;) David would take whatever he could get to pay the bills.

    Several other Carradine devotees and I attended a concert he gave in New York in June 2006 and we had the best time. In addition to his acting, he was a very skillful musician.

    After he and his band finished their two sets, I followed him around the room until I finally got his attention, and had him autograph two old ads, one from Variety and one from the Hollywood Reporter. The Hollywood Reporter one was a two-page spread for the 1966 ABC series Shane ("In Color!"). Yes, Alan Ladd was not the only Shane. David Carradine followed in his footsteps and he did the gunslinger proud if you ask me. This Shane was a bit different from the book (and movie) because Shane stayed with the Starretts, who now consisted of Marion, her son, and her father-in-law. Mr. Starrett had died, which was convenient because of course Shane and Marion -- played by the lovely Jill Ireland -- soon had feelings for each other. ABC was expecting big things for the show given the popularity of the material but it was a flop and it only lasted half a season.

    It's a pity that David never made a movie with John Wayne, although of course his father, the great character actor John Carradine, was in Stagecoach with Wayne, and 30 years later David's brother Robert made his debut in The Cowboys. David recounts in Endless Highway that he turned down the role in The Cowboys that Bruce Dern eventually took because he didn't want to be the one to kill John Wayne. His agent sent Robert to see Mark Rydell, director of The Cowboys, and that's how Robert got the role.

    Since we were talking about Marlon Brando in other places -- David also mentions in Endless Highway that he loved One-Eyed Jacks, which he saw in a huge screening room with brother Robert, girlfriend Barbara Hershey, and actor Anthony Zerbe. They had hoped to see Brando on the Warner Bros. lot where they were shooting but they missed him, so they all drove over to his place and were allowed an audience with "the great man" whose soul-piercing gaze transfixed David -- until he realized that Brando was actually admiring the lovely sunset behind him. ;) Still, he felt he had received "the most complete acting lesson" he ever got. That's David for you. He often put a mystical interpretation onto things. :)

    Here is my autographed Shane ad. It's now framed and matted and it looks beautiful hanging on my wall.

    43 years later, here is David in one of his last westerns, a direct to video, shot on digital, rather amateurish effort called All Hell Broke Loose. He played a crusty marshall, something he could do in his sleep -- he was much better than everything else in this movie.

    P.S. I love Lone Wolf McQuade. I know the martial artists disparage David's fighting abilities in it, but that doesn't matter. He is a great villain.

  • Ringo, the Thai government says David was alone, end of case.

    His family and fans are more suspicious. One of his ex-wives, Marina Anderson, is going around saying that David's spirit is visiting her in her dreams and she feels that the truth has not been revealed. The fact that she recently published a book about her marriage to David I'm sure has nothing to do with her appearance in the media. wink wink…articleId=281474978512369

    As for myself, something seems awfully fishy about the situation but alas I'm not sure the truth will ever be revealed.

  • My wife and I met him a few months before "Kill Bill" came out and he couldn't have been nicer. We got his autograph and had a plesent time.
    I used to love the TV show he hosted (along with his brother) "Wild West Tech"
    A fine actor.

    They'd never forget the day,the stranger rode into town