2003 Lost Heroes

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  • We've lost a lot of great people this year. Some were friends of Duke, and worked with him and some who left a mark in our hearts with their performances.

    I'd like to take this time to formally reconize them, and maybe you'd like to too.

    Katherine Hepburn (costarred with Duke in Rooster Cogburn (and the Lady))
    Bob Hope (Duke made a cameo appearance in Cancel My Resversations)
    Gregory Peck (starred with Duke and many other big stars in How The West Was Won)
    Michael Wayne (eldest son of Duke)
    Martha Scott (costarred with Duke in War of the Wildcats 1943)
    John Schlesinger (british Film Director)
    Charles Bronson
    Jack Elam (character actor in many of Duke's movies)
    James Coburn
    Buddy Hackett
    Buddy Ebsen
    John Ritter
    Hope Lane
    Johnny Cash (one of Duke's favorite country singer)
    June Carter Cash
    Eddie Bracken (character actor)
    Horst Buchhoiz (German actor in The Magnificent Seven)
    Robert Stack (costarred with Duke in The High & The Mighty)
    George Roy Hill (Director)
    Donald O'Connor (actor in films, Francis the Talking Mule and Singin' In The Rain)
    Leni Riefenstahl (German film director known for the Nazi propaganda documentaries Triumph of the Will and Olympia)
    Fred Rogers (Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood)
    Richard W. Simons (actor)
    Nell Carter (TV actress)

    I just wanted to make you aware of those, and leave comments if you like and you may add to the list.

    Cheers, Hondo B)


    "When you come slam bang up against trouble, it never looks half as bad if you face up to it"

    - John Wayne quote

  • Hi again Hondo
    A pretty morbid subject but unfortunately a neccessary one. Other names to add to your list.

    Ruth Hall - Ride Him Cowboy (d. 9 Oct)

    Lyle Bettger - The Sea Chase ( 24 Sept)

    Patricia Roc

    Louise Platt - Stagecoach d. (6 Sept)

    Sheb Wooley - Rio Bravo (d.16 Sept)

    George Plimpton - Rio Lobo (26 Sept)

    Elia Kazan - director (d. 28 Sep)

    Althea Gibson- The Horse Soldiers (d 28 Sept)

    Gordon Mitchell

    David Hemmings

    Sir Alan Bates

    Rand Brooks - Gone With The Wind (d 1 Sept)

    Conrad Hall - cinematographer (January 4)

    Richard Crenna - (d. 17 Jan)

    Vera Ralston - The Fighting Kentuckian, Dakota (9 Feb)

    Karen Morley (d 8 Mar)

    Anthony Caruso (d apr 4)

    Phillip Yordan - Screenwriter (d Mar 24)

    Dame Wendy Hiller (d May 14

    Adie McPhail - Girls Demand Excitement (d 14 Apr)

    And out of twenty names I have added eight worked on the Dukes pictures the list of his co-workers is getting shorter.

    I would like to wish you on a happier note a peaceful and prosperous New Year to you and your family.

    Best Regards


    Walk Tall - Talk Low

  • Ok, I know I sound really dumb, and I know I have been away for some time, but need to know what parts some of those people played.

    George Plimpton - Rio Lobo (what character?)

    Sheb Wooley - Rio Bravo (what character?)

    Louise Platt - Stagecoach (what character?)

    Lyle Bettger - The Sea Chase (what character?)

    Just curious, if you know, I would like to know.


  • Stacy,

    Here is their characters in the movies with Duke. Sheb Wooley was in The War Wagon and not Rio Bravo.

    George Plimpton - Rio Lobo (4th Gunman)

    Sheb Wooley - The War Wagon (Snyder)

    Louise Platt - Stagecoach (Lucy Mallory)

    Lyle Bettger - The Sea Chase (Chief Officer Kirchner)

    Cheers, Hondo B)


    "When you come slam bang up against trouble, it never looks half as bad if you face up to it"

    - John Wayne quote

  • Thanks for the list guys. Sad subject. Hate to see the older generation go. Seems like the great ones are fast fading.

    Another to add to the list is Earl Hinman. He was Wilson for all those years on "Home Improvment."

  • Hey Hondo,

    Thanks for the information, at least I can put faces with the characters!

    And yes this is a very sad subject, there are not many of those older actors left.

    Thanks again Hondo


  • Hi

    Keeping the list up to date:-

    Hollywood Producer RAY STARK founder of Seven Arts died January 17th

    and LYNDON BROOK - January 9th 2004 aged 77

    The second name might not mean much to anyone outside of UK (and possibly not a lot to some in UK), but his father was the classic actor Clive Brook and he appeared in 'The Purple Plain' with Gregory Peck, 'Reach for the Sky' with Kenneth More, and he also played Lt Walsh in the Darryl Zanuck extravaganza 'THE LONGEST DAY'. So as he was in a film in which JW was also in he can theoretically be classed as a John Wayne co-worker.

    Walk Tall - Talk Low

  • Hi ITDO

    Lt Walsh is described in the 50th Anniversary commemorative edition video


    'as the courageous officer who, in spite of his broken arm, led his platoon on to the Orne River bridge'

    I have just run it and he is on screen for probably 30 - 40 seconds top talking to Richard Todd.

    Best Regards


    Walk Tall - Talk Low

  • "Broke my arm - but I'm ok." Jolly good fellas, these British, are they not?
    Out of the 42 stars there are many actors who weren't quite that famous at the time and aren't featured - like Christopher Lee. I know that's a bit off-topic, and would love to continue a Longest-Day-discussion someplace else. Do you think Lee is the one in the Mel-Ferrer-sequence, telling him what Ike is doing: "Hanging on by his fingernails." Now where is Dracula in this monster of a film?

  • Hi ITDO


    "Broke my arm - but I'm ok." Jolly good fellas, these British, are they not?

    Its the breeding.

    Look out for a new post



    Walk Tall - Talk Low

  • One last point on this posting as I agree this is not the place for it.

    Christopher Lee is not credited in the picture and I think that by the early sixties he would have been famous enough to have been given a mention even un-credited as people like connery, Patrick Barr and Leo Genn were.

    The officer talking to Mel ferrer isn't Lee and looking through the cast I can't definately put a name to his face. l



    Walk Tall - Talk Low

  • Hi all

    Although we are now well into 2004 the stars of yesteryear continue to pass on.

    Wednesdays Broadsheet over here carried in the Obits the death of Frances Dee who died on Mach 4th aged 96.

    Born 1909 and not 1907 as most reference books state, she was married to the actor Joel Mcrea for 57 years and made her screen debut in the 1929 'Words and Music' with the young John Wayne and also played a major role in 'A Man Betrayed' (1942), again with John Wayne.

    Lest we forget.



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  • :cowboy: Hi

    Although I am not an undertaker by trade or even desire, my recording of John Wayne's co-workers does tend to throw up facts and if anyone is keeping a note, I add the following passing to the list.

    26 March 2004 JAN STERLING One of the passengers in the 1954 picture

    'The High and the Mighty'


    Arthur :cowboy:

    Walk Tall - Talk Low